The game is a first and 3rd person Action RPG with a HUGE Open game world. The game takes place in our own dungeon and dragons world. Though the elements won't be D&D based. But there will be a lot of similarities.

In this game, you will achieve your wildest dreams. We are planning to give players complete freedom to explore the world. And not just one. But many continents across the game world. Though that is in the far future.

You can become anything you want. Whether a king, queen, Dictator, or just a farmworker. You will be able to build towns and villages and even take care of your space and your people or just build a little house in the woods .

You can even become friends or enemies of the gods. Whatever you do will be your own choice. But to face the gods and defeat them you will have to become very very powerful.

And that is where you will go beyond levels. The game will not have the crappy level 1 to 100 mechanics that most games have. Your levels will actually start to become like experience points. Where you will be able to become a god yourself in the game. You will be able to go from level 1 to zillions upon zillions of levels as you use impaling weapons to steal power from your enemies.

Also, there will be randomized dungeons thrown throughout the world. Where you can find awesome treasures and many many traps and monsters. Some dungeons may have up to 100 levels. Some may have just one. You never know what you will find in a dungeon. And what you will have to face in them.

So what will you become? Good, Evil, Neutral? The choice is yours...

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Howdy, everyone!
I just want to let yall know we are Dark Realm Game Studio has started on a new game project.
The game is called Dark Realm: Legacy of a Hero. It is going to be a Single player open world Action RPG. Based on our own D&D games IRL. This game will have characters from our own game world. And use mechanics from it as well. Here are a few pics from the game.

These are extreme early alpha pics. And nothing is finished but I want to show something for yall.

We also have a short combat video here.

If you like what ya see and want to see more you can join us on our discord here!

Thanks so much!
Night Hawk

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