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Welcome the C.W.I.S, a tactical shooter where you controls the weapons systems of a destroyer that was constantly under missile attack. Your job is to kill all inbound threats and survive long enough to go on the offensive!

This is the continuation of a game jam title. I have lots of plans for the game with an aim to release a first release build by the end of the year with development builds when major progress is achieved. Feel free to follow for future updates!

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The game is still in active development, many features are coming in future updates.

  • Unique action/survival gameplay
  • Customise & level up your weapons systems
  • Unlock new weapons to add to your ship
  • Defeat Bosses (Coming Soon)
  • Complete Campaign & Missions (Coming Soon)
  • Play local co-op with up to 4 players (Planned for 0.6.x)

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C.W.I.S is developed by a solo developer (Jonathan/J) and entirely in my spare time outside of my full time job in the video games industry. If working it 9-5 wasn't enough xD Due to this, expect updates to not be as frequent as other games due to the fewer hours I get to actually work on the project.

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Elements of the roadmap are subject to change & the full release of the game may be scoped down if the mechanic is not possible without a massive re-write of half the game etc.

Version 0.1.x (In Progress)

  • New input setup for future multi-player support.
  • New weapon control systems for more modular weapons.
  • Updated visuals for weapons systems.
  • Copy of original endless survival gameplay.

Version 0.2.x (Upcoming)

  • Game menu layout
  • Controller support.
  • Basic Weapon Upgrades

Version 0.3.x (Upcoming)

  • AI improvements
    • Missiles are shot at you in a variety of attack styles instead of totaly randomly.
    • AI can intercept your intercepted missiles & counterattacks.

Version 0.4.x (Upcoming)

  • Game tutorial & first play experience improvements

Further updates to be determined when I am nearer to them.

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I post regular updates on progress with both the game and my other works on Twitter & Discord. On top of this there is a monthly devlog series which summaries the latest work and shows off extra bits that I don't mention in the regular updates. The full playlist can be viewed here:

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Welcome back to C.W.I.S, now with leaderboard, scoring & less bugs... well possibly the same amount of bugs, just in different places xD

What's New!

  • A new blur panel setup to better forcus the user on the foreground elements.
  • A working reload system for the main gun & missile launchers!
  • An improved upgrades panel setup, with upgrade costs & lockable upgrades.
  • A scoring system & local leaderboard using the Carter Games Leaderboard Manager asset, with a few adjustments.
  • Early build mostly working minus a few bugs, aiming for public build by September xD

The Video

Admititably not a good at some of the others this time around, but I'm still new to this whole YT thing, so hopefully I'll get it right next month xD

None the less here is it!


🎮 Handy Links 🎮
Game itch Page 👉 Carter-games.itch.io
Game Gamejolt Page 👉 Gamejolt.com
Original Jam Game 👉 Carter-games.itch.io

📘 Devlog Playlist 📘
See other videos on the development of C.W.I.S here:


More Firepower! | C.W.I.S Game Devlog #4

More Firepower! | C.W.I.S Game Devlog #4


The next devlog is here! The main changes include new weapons, upgrades implemented onto the CWIS turret, early detection lines for incoming missles ...

Upgrades & A Whole Load Of Bugs

Upgrades & A Whole Load Of Bugs


Welcome back to another devlog on C.W.I.S, In this devlog I go over the new weapon upgrades system progress, some menu work, an improved ship health/hitbox...

The Basics Of Shooting

The Basics Of Shooting


New devlog Live! In this devlog I go over the new mechanics of turret shooting, with object pooling, overheating & ammo count. Along with some early progress...

Remake On The Way!

Remake On The Way!


C.W.I.S is getting remake/remastered! In this article I go a little into what I'm planning to do and how you can keep up to date with future updates!

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