An evil witch has stolen the Crystal of Power. It’s up to one brave hero to save the world... by hiring four mercenaries to do the job for him. Play as the members of Mercenary Inc as you explore randomly generated dungeons, battle fierce monsters, befriend a vibrant cast of characters, and collect loot in this 2.5D dungeon crawler/turn-based RPG.

  • Experience classic turn-based RPG gameplay with 4 diverse characters.
  • Explore Evil Cave and other distinct locations on the world map.
  • Play as the cast of Mercenary Inc as they go along their lighthearted adventure.
  • Battle a variety of dangerous monsters and collect loot to help you on your journey.
  • Tweak your party's specialization and formulate strategies as you take on stronger foes.
  • Experiment with the dynamic leveling system and equippable abilities for your party.
  • Craft all new items and reforge new equipment to help strengthen your team.

This game is a remake of a flash game that was published on Newgrounds in 2011. This 2020 version builds it from the ground up with all new gameplay and features:

  • Added all new explorable locations.
  • Recreated 3D levels and redrawn sprites.
  • Added partial voice acting and monster sound effects.
  • Rewrote dialogue and added new scenes.
  • Tweaked the leveling system and equipment to be more dynamic.
  • Improved graphics and audio.
  • Implemented full gamepad/controller support.

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Hooray! Crystal Story is now available to play!

Come and explore the sights of Smalltown. Here is a mini guide to get you started…


You can move around dungeons using a Mouse, a Keyboard, or a Controller. Choose any control scheme you prefer. Bumping into enemies while inside a dungeon will start battles. You can also collect treasure you find by interacting on it.


Explore the areas around Smalltown. New areas unlock as you explore further into Evil Cave. Be sure to check the map from time to time for any new areas!


The Town is where you can rest and take a break from exploring. You can buy or sell items on the Shop or rest at an inn. Alchemy will let you combine certain items to form a new one, while Reforge will create a random item from an existing one.

Thanks!Please let me know what you think on the steam discussions page. Feedback and new ideas are always welcome. Let me know if you want to see a feature in a future update or maybe in a sequel. Please also let me know if you find any bugs!

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