The Story
It has been over a century since extra-terrestrial lifeforms of unknown origins have made an appearance. Any hopes of peace have been long washed away as these chaotic creatures only seemed to follow the basic rules of survival, grow strong and rid of the weak.

When they attacked, no one was ready.

Their sheer numbers made most of our weapons useless, as more and more arrived at our home planet.
Space colonization became more popular at the time, as everyone sought to flee from the horrific creatures dubbed "The Miasm".

Since then, the population of our planet has more than halved.

Now humans have spread far and wide, colonizing the moon, Mars and even space itself.
Residents of these extra-terrestrials colonies have all but forgotten the horrors that plague their planet as their lives returns to the mudane with time.

Soon, wars between groups with different ideals, outlaws seeking to make profit from others, and other worries cloud the mind of the people who live off-planet. Some even go about their everyday lives as if nothing has happened.

Unbeknownst to all, the true Fate of the World is about to unfold...


An Expansive open-world map lets you explore the inner solar system freely.
Explores planets throughly, discover new celestial bodies, visit space colonies and stations and witness the adaptation of human settlements, go where no man has ever gone.

Battle human factions and The Miasm using your personal customizable mechas, or even vehicles such as tanks, fighter jets, boats and more.

Intensive customization of your squadron's abilities allows you to perform any strategies you deem fit for any situation.

Your comrades are not mere soldiers; make friends (or more?) with your allies, learn their stories, and you may find help in unexpected places.

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The Update!

News 2 comments

We've been working with various designs and ideas for something that would work best for the kind of game we're making. And today we have some fruits of our labor to show to you guys, and hopefully get some feedback!

Let it start then!

First, UI.

It is an important and ever-present aspect of the game, so we tried to do something that reflects the information that you'd have access in a futuristic mecha, (Think Gundam).

Battle HUD

Up next, something we didn't talk about is how the story progresses in the game. While you'll usually travel through the inner solar system in a ship, the cut-scenes and dialogues are carried on in a Visual Novel style.
Visual Novel Style!

Now how about some content. It's a robot game and you've all seen the concepts in our image gallery, so now we'll show you some of their 3D counterparts!
3d Robots!3d Robots!3d Robots!

So what do you guys think? Let us know!

Facebook Page

Facebook Page


We've just started a facebook page! Be sure to check it out and share it with friends!

Guest - - 693,196 comments

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alimux - - 53 comments

are you alone for develop this project?

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DanKunX Creator
DanKunX - - 1 comments

we're a very small team, but some content, like character art, 3d models and such are done by freelancers. we're basically funding it ourselves, so far.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
alimux - - 53 comments

Eventually if you need a freelancer, you can send me a PM

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Guest - - 693,196 comments

looks great !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
IceLacrima - - 225 comments

i hope the project is not dieing

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DKDevil - - 71 comments

Game is looking downright awesome. Sorta miss working with y'all.

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Groku - - 20 comments

Looks amazing ! ! !

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