You are wrecked in space, hungry and without resources. Your mission here is to try to survive as long as you can by collecting resources, fighting monsters and exploring and building across the territory.

Luckily you landed on an unknown, resourceful and unfortunately enemy planet and now you have to fight for your survival.


  • 8x8 inventory with simple crafting way
  • Friendly MOBs and challenging enemies
  • Procedural random map generation with custom seed support
  • Lots of buildings and items to craft
  • A large world to explore


I will keep adding cool stuff to the game and fixing bugs. Your feedback is very important to make this happen!


Still in development, but you can try our demo version available for download below. We update it at least once a week.

Check it out

Check it out at GameJolt

Check it out at

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Issues fixed #1


Screenshot from 2020 01 30 14 36

In the last days, I've fixed over 30 issues I've found. This isn't the final stage of Craftrix's development, it's a big step in the process.

Prototyping stars

This is the name of the current stage of development. I decided to break down all the prototype development into small pieces where I fill them with issues and it worked well in the last week.

Screenshot from 2020 01 30 14 36 1Screenshot from 2020 01 30 14 36 4

But what actually changed?

I'll list some visible changes below. That's all for now, bye!

Changelog - since the last stage

  • Fixed never loading bug
  • Fixed MOBs' animation playback
  • Fixed exit confirm hiding when clicking the screen
  • Added option to restart the game when the player dies
  • Added crafting system
  • Optimizations for shaders
  • Tweaked green slime damage range
  • Added achievements tab (but there are NO achievements yet)
  • Fixed enemies attack delay
  • Added more settings options
  • Lots of small optimizations and tweaks...

Screenshot from 2020 01 30 14 36 3

Craftrix on IndieDB

Craftrix on IndieDB


Today I'll talk a bit about why I decided to post my game to IndieDB website.

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Download this demo file if you have a 64-bit Linux.




Download this demo file if you have a 32-bit Linux.




Download this demo file if you have a 64-bit Windows.




Download this demo file if you have a 32-bit Windows.

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