Your Story Begins!

Your journey starts with you trapped in a block of ice. Fortunately, the friendly residents of Cornucopia discover you in the old mines and assist in melting you free. A jovial old farmer, Rufus, offers you an abandoned old farm and a quirky talking bulldog named Munger for companionship. As you care for your farm and get to know the local people, a mysterious girl secretly follows you. She is on a mission to restore the once-great Cornucopia and uncover your hidden past. Can you create your dream farm and unravel this intriguing adventure?

Key Features

  • Innovative Farming System: This isn't your typical farming game! Experience a unique soil/compost system that brings farming to life. The game features diverse soil types – sand, clay, silt, and loam – each with varying levels of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. But here's the fun part: you can grow any vegetable in any soil and fertilizer condition! To grow bigger vegetables, just improve your soil conditions and match the right soil types. With a wide range of choices, including 66 vegetables, 60 fruit trees, 15 berry bushes, and 22 tree types, your farming experience will be full of surprises and discoveries.

  • Pet-Assisted Gameplay: Your pets are more than mere companions; they are vital allies in resource gathering and combat. Enhance their abilities by leveling them up, engage in races, and breed them to discover unique traits, colors, and patterns. Unlock special abilities and witness their evolution into formidable partners.

  • Engaging Character Interactions: Cornucopia is home to over 50 unique characters, including 34+ potential marriage partners. Engage in meaningful conversations and shape your story through these interactions.

  • Culinary Adventures: With over 200 recipes, your culinary skills will be tested. Each dish tells a story and contributes to your journey.

  • Skill Progression: Your skills grow with your experiences. Each level up unlocks new possibilities and enhances your farming expertise.

  • Mini-Games Galore: Discover an expansive arcade brimming with a wide array of mini-games that provide entertaining breaks from your adventure. These mini-games are not only fun but also reward you with tickets that you can exchange for exclusive prizes.

  • Dynamic Card System: Over 300 optional cards add depth and strategy to your gameplay. Collect and utilize these cards to enhance your farming skills, unlock special abilities, and uncover secrets.

  • Magical 2.5D World: Explore the beautiful landscapes of Cornucopia from various angles, bringing a magical perspective to your farming adventure.

  • Original Soundtrack: Over 72 melodies create an immersive auditory experience, accompanying you throughout your farming journey.

  • Epic Challenges: Rise to become a legend in the community by unlocking 97 achievements and conquering the 5 Exclusive Steam Boss Cards. Each victory is a step towards becoming a Cornucopia myth.

  • Quality of Life Features: Enjoy convenient gameplay enhancements such as a game speed slider, automatic item storage, and evolving farm tools.

A Community Woven from Shared Dreams

Join hands with fellow dreamers and creators on Discord and Wiki. Share your stories, celebrate your triumphs, and weave a community tapestry rich with friendship and collaboration.

Evolving Adventures

Cornucopia is ever-changing, with new stories, challenges, and wonders regularly introduced, ensuring a fresh and exciting experience with every log-in.

A Universal Tale for Every Gamer

Crafted for seamless experiences across all devices, Cornucopia is a testament to our dedication to performance and listening to the whispers of our community.

Embark on Your Cornucopia Adventure

Begin your journey in Cornucopia today. With each action, a new chapter of your unique story unfolds. Where will your adventure lead you?

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to share the story of how my game, Cornucopia, came to be.

It all started when I was a kid and I became obsessed with farming games like Harvest Moon 64 and Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. I spent hours upon hours playing them and learning everything I could about farming. And as I grew older, I became more and more determined to bring that passion to life.

Feeding my Lamancha Goats


So, I packed up my bags and headed off to the middle of nowhere in Canada to homestead for three long years. It was an incredible (and slightly insane) experience. I raised a jersey cow, bred pigs, hatched chickens, and even had two dogs (including a bulldog that is your dog in the game!!). And yes, before you ask, I was a vegan at the time and refused to eat any of the animals I was raising. It was a strange time in my life, but I was determined to live out my farming dreams to the fullest.

Rufus my Livestock Guardian Dog (The Farmer Rufus is named after him)

Rufus the Livestock Guardian Dog

But let me tell you, living in the middle of nowhere in Canada has its challenges, especially during the winter. It was brutally cold, with temperatures dropping to a bone-chilling -45 degrees. I almost froze to death on more than one occasion, and I have no idea how wild animals can survive such harsh conditions.

Sly Fox

Sly Fox

But it wasn't just the cold that presented challenges on the farm. I also had to deal with the occasional animal predator. For a while, I had a few chickens and ducks that kept disappearing, and I would find blood everywhere on the grass outside. I eventually figured out that it must be a fox or a coyote that was causing the trouble, so I bought a cruelty-free box trap and set it out. And sure enough, I caught the culprit - a sly fox.

I knew I couldn't just leave the fox to suffer in the trap, so I decided to drive it far away and release it back into the wild.

Trapped Fox

Trapped Fox

It was just one of the many unique and interesting experiences I had during my homesteading adventures.

In addition to raising chickens, ducks, guinea fowl, a cow, goats and more, I also had 13 bee colonies on the farm. I spent a lot of time caring for the bees and harvesting their honey, which I sold at the local farmers market. It was a lot of work, but I loved every minute of it.



However, not everyone at the farmers market was a fan of my honey. There was an angry old honey seller who tried to drive me out of business, even though I wasn't really making a profit. On one occasion he got right in my face and tried to intimidate me, and I think even got his elderly friends too as well. But I stuck to my guns and continued to sell my honey.

Selling Honey

Selling Honey at Farmers Market

It was experiences like these that inspired the creation of Cornucopia. I used my custom game engine to develop early prototypes of the game while I was out on the farm. And as I went about my daily tasks, I met a wide range of quirky and diverse individuals who eventually inspired some of the characters in the game.

Jersey cow with Munger the Bulldog

Jersey Cow with Munger

But the cast of characters in Cornucopia isn't limited to just those I met on the farm. I also drew inspiration from family members and people I met throughout my life. So in addition to the quirky farmers and homesteaders, you'll also find a cast of lovable (and sometimes eccentric) family members and friends.

Days Pigs were Born

Day Pigs were Born in the Winter

Pigs Sleeping

Pigs Sleeping

Now, I bring my passion and expertise to Cornucopia, a game that allows players to experience the joys (and struggles) of farming firsthand. And if you're a vegan like I was at the time, don't worry, you won't have to worry about eating any of your virtual farm animals either.

Just bought the Jersey Cow (Not grown up yet)

Just bought Jersey Cow

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my journey with Cornucopia. After my experiences I moved to Vancouver, Canada and have been loving the city life. It's been a wild ride, and I can't wait to see where the game takes me next.

Fertilized Egg

Fertilized Egg

Baby Duck

Newly Born Duck

Thank you for helping make this game a reality by wishlisting and telling your friends. You don't know how much we appreciate your support <3

Steam page:

Discord community:

Check out the trailer below for a sneak peek at what's to come in the Demo:

Cornucopia Enters Early Access – Play Now!

Cornucopia Enters Early Access – Play Now!

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Cornucopia Demo Release!

Cornucopia Demo Release!


We just released the demo for Cornucopia, you can play on steam! A charming 2.5D farming RPG sim with unique mechanics like pet-assisted gathering and...

2023 Indie Year In Review - Quarter 3

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Discover the Charm of Cornucopia: A Farming RPG Simulation Game

Discover the Charm of Cornucopia: A Farming RPG Simulation Game


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I would like you to express why you should vote for Cornucopia as the best indie game of 2023:

✍️📝👁👁 "Cornucopia" stands out as the epitome of a philosophical gaming experience, drawing inspiration from various philosophical concepts that contribute to its uniqueness and excellence.

Firstly, the game encapsulates Jean-Jacques Rousseau's idea of the "noble savage" by offering players an escape to a pristine and idyllic world of farming delights. The 2.5D environment not only immerses players in a visually captivating landscape but also prompts contemplation on the simplicity and purity of nature—a theme resonant with Rousseau's philosophy.

📍 Moreover, the emphasis on interpersonal relationships and community-building in "Cornucopia" echoes Aristotle's notion of eudaimonia, or flourishing through virtuous activities. The opportunity to befriend, romance, and build families with 31 unique NPCs mirrors Aristotle's emphasis on the importance of social bonds in a fulfilling life. The inclusion of festivals, auctions, and mini-games further aligns with Aristotle's belief in the significance of leisure and communal activities.

Existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre argued for the importance of individual choice and responsibility, themes that are subtly woven into the fabric of "Cornucopia." Players are granted the autonomy to design their dream farm, make choices in relationships, and explore various in-game activities. This aligns with Sartre's existentialist principles, promoting the idea that individuals shape their own destinies through their choices.

📌 "Cornucopia" also taps into the philosophy of aesthetics, with its meticulous gardening, pet-assisted interactions, and diverse range of activities. Drawing from Immanuel Kant's ideas on aesthetics, the game presents an intricate fusion of the beautiful and the sublime, providing players with a sensory experience that transcends mere entertainment.

🟩 In conclusion, "Cornucopia" emerges as the best indie game of 2023 not just for its technical prowess and engaging gameplay but for its subtle incorporation of philosophical elements. By channeling the spirit of Rousseau, Aristotle, Sartre, and Kant, the game transcends the conventional gaming experience, offering players a profound reflection on nature, community, individuality, and aesthetics—all within the delightful setting of a dream farming adventure.

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Cutiest animals!

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