Cornucopia - Your Dream Farming Adventure Awaits!
Explore an enthralling 2.5D world filled with endless farming delights. With 50+ engaging NPCs, an inventive compost system, a one-of-a-kind card system, 200+ savory recipes, and much more, your farm life has never been so immersive and lively.

Befriend, romance, and build families with 31 memorable NPCs. Indulge in festivals, partake in exciting auctions, discover your hidden fishing talents, master crafting, and lose yourself in countless mini-games. Enjoy meticulous gardening, delightful pet-assisted interactions, and more! What's your dream farm like? Build it here in Cornucopia!

๐Ÿ“– Fun Storyline ๐Ÿ“–

Embark on a delightful journey filled with enchanting cutscenes and a gripping storyline.

๐Ÿ‘ฉ‍๐ŸŒพ Farming ๐Ÿ‘จ‍๐ŸŒพ

Cultivate your land with 66 types of Vegetable Plants, 60 Different Fruit Trees, 15 Berry Bushes, and 22 Types of Trees. Your bountiful harvest awaits!

๐Ÿฎ Animal Adventures ๐Ÿฎ

Embrace the joy of raising, breeding, and racing farm animals. Craft the farm of your dreams!

๐ŸŒฑ Innovative Composting System ๐ŸŒฑ

Embrace the farmer within you! Create compost from diverse materials, analyze and enrich your soil to grow luscious vegetables. Master the elements of Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, Bioactivity, and soil balancing.

๐Ÿฝ Delicious Cooking ๐Ÿฝ

Unleash the chef in you with over 200 finger-licking recipes. Taste the mastery!

๐ŸŸ Fishing ๐ŸŸ

Immerse yourself in a soothing pachinko-style fishing mini-game with an ocean of possibilities!

๐Ÿ  Crafting, Building, and Expansion ๐Ÿ 

Design with flair. 3 Home Upgrades, Barn Upgrade, Chicken Coop Upgrade, Greenhouse Repair, Beach Villa, Treehouse, Pine Hide-away - the keys to your dream home await!

๐Ÿ’ช Skill Mastery ๐Ÿ’ช

Level up in diverse skills to become the ultimate farmer!

๐ŸŒŸ Unique Card System ๐ŸŒŸ

Uncover 326 rare and vibrant cards. Dive into addictive Scratch Cards, Quest Cards, Power-up Cards, and discover the untold fun!

๐Ÿงก Engaging NPCs ๐Ÿงก

Build unforgettable friendships with over 50 distinctive NPCs, embracing 31 heartwarming relationships that will last a lifetime.

๐ŸŽ‰ Seasonal Festivals ๐ŸŽ‰

Celebrate the joy of the seasons in bustling community festivals that unite everyone.

๐Ÿ”จ Exciting Auctions ๐Ÿ”จ

Experience the thrill of bidding in action-packed animal and item auctions. Seek, bid, win - treasure awaits!

๐Ÿ‘น Boss Battles ๐Ÿ‘น

Challenge yourself against 5 awe-inspiring bosses. Dare to win?

โœจ Personalized Experience โœจ

From captivating mini-games to your personalized sanctuary, make Cornucopia your world.

๐Ÿ† Steam Achievements ๐Ÿ†

Conquer 97 achievements and flaunt them proudly. You've earned it!

๐ŸŽต Hand-crafted Soundtrack ๐ŸŽต

Original music with 72 beautiful songs to guide you through your journey.

๐Ÿ› Buy Cornucopia Now! ๐Ÿ›

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Cornucopia - an immersive 2.5D farming sim with 50+ NPCs, innovative compost system, unique card system, 200+ recipes. Befriend, date, marry, and have...

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May 5 2023

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