Confederate Express is a team-based tactical RPG. The goal of the game is trying to survive while delivering a package from point A to point B. Each successful delivery makes a lot of profit, which can be spent on equipment and hiring better crew members! Packages vary by size, weight and fragility; the harder the delivery, the greater the rewards. Game maps are randomly generated, and each sector is uniquely hand-drawn, so every time you play it is a different and engaging experience!

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What a year!

A total solar eclipse, Donald Trump becomes president, and Confederate Express is coming back from the dead like a malignant brain tumor!

To kick off this exclusive bi-centennial update, here are some tasty news for you!

We finally have something to show you guys other than a bunch of gifs and one-liners. This time, it's an exciting opportunity to experience an early version of our highly-anticipated masterpiece, Confederate Express! Complete with a revamped custom high-performance framework False2D™, 42,000 hand-drawn animation frames, and an ocean's worth of pixelated blood.

Proceed with caution, as flying chunks of zombie flesh might petrify even the strongest minds!



Confederate Express is approaching the end of its production cycle, and we are trying to polish the general core gameplay elements. To minimize redundant feedback, this early version contents have been limited to:

  • macOS build only
  • 1 playable character (Jackson)
  • 4 powerful abilities
  • 2 enemy types (Zombie + Stalker)
  • 3 playable levels
  • core mechanics: gold collection, experience accrual, interactive environment

As development continues, the game's content will expand gradually (including a Windows PC build), up until we put together a final version of the game. You can follow progress on our DevLog:

All proceeds collected will go directly towards development of Confederate Express, including contractor fees for our sound designer, AJ Lornie.



Every backer with a pledge of $25 $10 and higher will receive a key to ConfederateExpress early version available for download at In addition, a Steam key will be provided to unlock a full version scheduled for release this January. Target platforms are macOS and Windows PC.

Our goal is to accumulate as much feedback as possible; so please do not hesitate and contact us via (no leasing agreements please)

Also, please join us at private developer's forum, exclusively at

And as always, thank you for your long-lasting support!! Appreciate ya!


resniperowl - - 1 comments


But seriously, let's cut all the unnecessary filler out of the way. We both know who you really are.

If you don't recognize me, I'm the guy from your Knuckle Club KS comments page that posted a really long *** post cross analyzing of Confederate Express update posts, a considerably shorter one asking you to be more transparent, another post commending you for being transparent, and then eventually giving up on you guys and aiding in the investigation.

You guys seriously do need to come clean. Everyone wants answers. If you're not going to respond to the numerous refund requests that you two are legally obligated to uphold as your place as the creator of a successful Kickstarter campaign, that people have been requesting to you guys for 3+ years, at the very least, explain to everyone what's been happening in the last few years since the last time you decided to directly communicate with your backers.

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TheUnbeholden - - 3,614 comments

On Oct 24, 2013, I backed a Kickstarter project: under the contractual agreement between backer and kickstarter creator that I would gain the following digital goods by Jun 2014, a free DRM-free copy of the game. Its been 6 months since then I still have not received information on how to obtain the game, where all the funds are going, and the website is showing a completely unrelated title that I did not consent to supporting. The $40'000 amount funded by the community seems to be going to a unrelated project that I nor anyone else going by the kickstarter page, did not consent to. A update on the status page says lies about releasing the game in nov/dec last year, but that has not happened. I wish to obtain a refund to the amount of $10 ASAP. I contacted the author through the kickstarter messaging system on December 16, and having not had a reply in over 3 weeks I have decided to take matters into my own hands. It seems that I can't get a refund through Amazon Payments as they only allow disputing of claims upto 105 days (paypal not much better upto 180 days), I've reported it through kickstarter, and while legally I'm entitled to my money back it may be more difficult if the kickstarter creator resists, they can refund the money via the Kickstarter system (or through Amazon Payments for Americans). I personally used Amazon Payments. Its a real shame they decided to divert all their money to something else, I hope people are aware so that they do not trust: Maksym Pashanin and Denys Pashanin.

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Guest - - 693,340 comments

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HDKramer - - 208 comments

This game sounds very interesting! Can't wait to see more!
Good luck in dev!

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Guest - - 693,340 comments

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WILEz - - 82 comments

Beautiful style!

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