Delivering a visceral WWII gaming experience, Company of Heroes redefines real time strategy gaming by bringing the sacrifice of heroic soldiers, war-ravaged environments, and dynamic battlefields to life. Beginning with the D-Day Invasion of Normandy, players lead squads of Allied soldiers into battle against the German war machine through some of the most pivotal battles of WWII. Through a rich single player campaign, players experience the cinematic intensity and bravery of ordinary soldiers thrust into extraordinary events.

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In this competition you have the chance to win the game called: Company of Heroes, Opponsing Frontes and Tales of Valor / In this contest, there will be only one winner!

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~ Big Game Competition ~

In this contest you will get a chance to win.

- Company of Heroes
- Company of Heroes: Opponsing Frontes
- Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor

~ Information about the game ~

Company of
is a detailed game that takes place during World War II, and it defines the real time strategy game type again by realizing heroic soldiers dead, war-ravaged environments, and dynamic battlefields. The game begins on D-Day in Normandy, and the players head straps with Allied soldiers into battle against the Germans in some of the most powerful nations during the war. In an extensive single player campaign players experience the cinematic intensity and bravery of ordinary soldiers who have ended up in these extraordinary events.

The next chapter in what is considered as the best real-time strategy game ever, sending players into a horrific war-torn landscape to take command of two hardened armies in relentless battle for honor and country. The players leading the stubborn British 2nd Army during World War II and the heroic liberation of Caen in France. They also control the German Panzer Elite as they struggle to repel the largest airborne invasion in history.

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor is the expansion to the Game of the Year and highest rated real time strategy franchise C.O.H. Featuring new campaigns two overcome, units two command, and battlefields two conquer, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor delivers evolved gameplay mechanics and 3 episodic adventures includingsecurity 9 new missions, 3 new Multiplayer Modes, and new Abilities two masts.

You will also have the opportunity to play the amazing mod here on if you have this game or have the opportunity now to win the game. The game is old but is still incredibly fun to play.

~ Company of Heroes Official Trailer ~

Game Competition (Company of Heroes)

~ Answer the following questions to win ~

  • Question 01: What country would you have fought against if you had lived in World War II?
  • Question 02: What type of weapon would you have used from that time and why?
  • Question 03: What part of the army would you have been in? Navy, Air warfare or just a foot soldier?

This competition is under the Rule nr. 01 - (Game Competition Info)
One Lucky winner will be drawn in this competition.
This competition will expire 19.09.2014 - (The competition is now closed)
Those who win will be contacted by those who Sponsor this competition.
The game will be handed on PC through Steam.
To aid delivery through Steam friend one of the Sponsors.
To see Sponsor list refer to main blog here.

Sponsor of this competition is: Kark-Jocke

~ I wish you good luck and may the best win ~


Question 1: As a New Zealander I probably would have been fighting against the Japanese as a part of the 3rd NZEF, in locations such as the Solomon Islands. Or, as a part of the 2nd NZEF, I would have been fighting the Afrika Korps in Egypt, as well as taking part in battles such as the Battle of Greece, Crete, and various locations throughout Italy.

Question 2: A Tommy Gun, simply because firing .45 at such an absurd rate has got to be fun. (Although a PPSh-41 would be awfully fun as well.)

Question 3: I would have preferred the Royal New Zealand Air Force, or possibly the RAF during the Battle of Britain, but in all likelihood I would have ended up on the ground, as most fellow New Zealanders did.

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Question 01: Well i'm from Serbia(Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War 2 time) and i would have joined the Yugoslav Partisans. My enemies would of course be Nazi Germany and Ustaše. If i survived long enough i would have fought in one of our biggest battles which was named the "Belgrade Offensive"(which is my home town). There we fought together with Red Army and Bulgarian People's Army against the Wehrmacht to liberate our Capital City.

Question 2: Most weapons the Yugoslav Partisans used in that time were captured or stolen from Germans and the most prominent one was the Maschinenpistole 40, but if i really had to chose the weapon, without a doubt it would be Thompson M1A1. It's powerful, reliable, easy to use and it's fun. I know it's fun from a personal experience because i actually shoot from it once(2 magazines to be precise).

Question 3: Well as i have said above i would have joined the Yugoslav Partisans. Even tho they had a Partisan Navy and Partisan Air Force, i would prefer to stay and fight on foot. They mostly used guerrilla tactics and only later did they became really organized. Partisans also saved over a thousand US pilots downed over the Balkans and they helped PoW who escaped from German camps.

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Actually it depends if there would be the Munich Betrayal (and government's steps) in that alternate future.

Let's say history is not rewritten - I'm living in poor protectorate and want to do something against it. Maybe I manage to get into UK to join RAF as many pilots did. So I would fight with Spitfire (plane I don't like), or join some bombing squadron, to fly on Wellington. Target? Germans!

If I don't manage to get away, well, let's join some partisan cell. Steal German weapons and make some damage. I guess I would be happy with any gun I can get - partisans can't choose much. (I'm a big fan of poloautomatic rifles, such as SVT40, but German army sucked at this - so MP40 would make me happy enough.)

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well you got the G43 which is pretty good.

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And pretty rare, especially if you are 'inside' the Reich while these new weapons were transported on front as soon as possible. No way you could find that in munition storage here. Soviet airdrop supplies would be here before this gun can be any available.

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Question 01: Australia because bloody 'Strallia. Australian and New Zeland Army Corps FTW! In Australia lets see what we have, Kangaroos for assaults on land (wave I) , Inland taipan snake and Eastern brown snake (wave II), The Red Back Spider and Funnel Web spider ( Wave III), Box Jelly fish for water assaults (wave I), Great White and Bull Shark (wave II), Blue Ring Octopus and Stone Fish (Wave III). This way we have extra support on land and water. I Will ride my Kangaroo to victory.

Question 02: Austen Sub machine gun MK II, Its so shiny I will put it in my enemies mouth and force them to lick it so it gets even more shiny! Then after many licks I will pull the trigger in the fanciest way possible with me holding a Carlton Dry (Beer) in one hand with my little finger pointing up, and of course a top hat and a monacle because you will look badass sticking Austens down peoples throats.

Question 03: I would be in air warfare, So I could have a Pink airplane. I would call it the Penetrator MK 69 with a picture of my Austen down a soldiers throat and when I see infantry on the ground I will be like "You w0t m8" and they will be like, "Wow a pink airplane! He looks so fabulous!", Also I won't die as much.

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Question 01:

Being Spanish, I would have fought against the Axis, fighting in the Free French Forces, much like the legendary Spanish Civil War veterans who joined the Leclerc Division in hopes of toppling the fascism that controlled Europe with an iron fist, including their homeland. Although those hopes were not fulfilled, and the allies didn't intervene in Spain in the end, but their efforts should not be forgotteny. At any rate, by joining the Leclerc Division I would have been one of the first to enter the liberated Paris.

Question 02:

Any kind of SMG would do. I have poor eyesight, so anything that requires careful aiming is a definite no-no. If I recall correctly, Free French Forces used American equipment, so that SMG would be a Thompson or a Grease Gun.

Question 03:

On foot, for the motives mentioned above, supporting armoured advances and scouting ahead for the cavalry. Besides, if I were in the navy or air force I couldn't have taken part in the liberation of Paris, and therefore couldn't have marched throuhg the Champs-Élysées in a halftrack.

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TKAzA Staff

This is a great game with some amazing mods, good luck to who wins it.
You should try out the eastern front, a mod that adds the eastern front in a epic total conversion.

Not entering as i already have 2 copies, but so my comment isnt removed for being off topic.

Question 01:
Because why not stop up for a quick BBQ on the western front.

Question 02:
Lee Enfield No. 4
It was the best sniper rifle at the time, I wouldn't want to take anything but the best.

Question 03:
Being dropped over normandy, that would have been a sight at night.

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1. In my homeland Indonesia, we were part of the Dutch Empire. A colony which lasted over 300 years until we fought hard to gain independence. Personally, I would fight with the Dutch mainly because of their Europeanisation of our state.

2. The KNIL (colonial army) had basic adequate equipment to begin with, but I would definitely use the Enfield, in which British relief troops used to support the Dutch forces. It's simple and efficient, it even has a lot of room for ammo for its time... especially for a rifle. 10 rounds!

3. On foot. Since the battles during this time were mainly ground combat, and there's a lot of hell to go through since there were both urban and jungle warfare involved.
Safety last, morality first. Time doesn't grow on trees; you live through it.

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1.being French I think I would have fought the Nazis with all my strength !!
2.At the moment I do not know how to use any weapon, but I think I learned to use ^^ !

3.I preferred to be a air warfare but as I have poor eyesight I think I was a foot soldier.Finally, I would have done with good!

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