Codevoker is created to make players feel like one of those fast and great hackers that appear in movies by creating minions and casts through commands written on a console as fast as they can.

In CodeVoker player is able to fight against AIs in different levels and scenearios where the AI will spawn minions too and even spawn some huge bosses, but also, players will fight one with each other through the multiplayer mode (1vs1).

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Progress: updates and menus


Lately I have been coding the start menu, the commands in it and playing with resolutions settings, I will add some more commands in future updates (as "settings") but this is what I have done so far:

Available commands in this menu are:

Start Menu Commands

This update took me more time than others because of university exams, so weekly updates (as I desired) are not going to be possible but I will uptade every two/three weeks.

Following targets are:
-Coding adversary AI for battle (not minions, which is already done, I mean the enemy who spawns minions)
-Some graphics to the start menu and the victory/defeat in battle
-Some kind of pixel art textures for minions

So if you have any questions or suggestions just post it! Any help or comment will be welcome!

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