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  • Action RPG elements
  • Hypnotic Sound Tracks
  • Progressive difficulty in game and ability to select difficulty modes in the main menu (easy medium hardcore)
  • 9 Uniquely designed challenging bosses with rage-inducing phases each inhabiting 9 different continents with evocative atmospheres linked by portals
  • More than 18 Powerups and a level up system

  • Wide variety of enemies with unexpected attack patterns
  • 5 Different acquirable attack patterns that can each be best suited for different encounters
  • Checkpoints are from a stage to another
  • Get to unravel the captivating story of Cloaker and the ultimate cause to his purpose
  • Classic 2 jumps and a dash kit as a counter
  • Gain a satisfying increase in power and attack speed as your heat bar fills up


    Cloaks and Capes is a fast_paced dark fantastical side-scrolling platformer for Windows and Linux.

    Azazel, The prime demon descended upon the beautiful town of Castriel once again massacring everyone and leaving their spirits afloat leaving only a few to survive and struggle, Take your son's spirit from the elder and play as a caster who griefs and aches for vengeance to resurrect his son and set free the ravaged town as you engulf whoever comes in your way in flames of anguish.


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Controller Support

Cloakers.. the anticipated controller support is finally up for almost all controller types including steam deck.

Fixes And Balancing

  • fixed a bug where in hardcore mode heart vases dont break
  • fixed 2 achievements not working properly ("a father's rejoice" and "feels stronger now" achievements)
  • protector circle knights move speed reduced
  • many fixes to Tezkraml (7th boss) where the hands impact waves would just fall and more
  • drunk pattern firing buffed, more dps
  • Essa, lady of chaos (3rd boss) inverse bullets phase duration reduced and her health decreased

2022 09 05 03 13 35 00 00 19 13

In The Making

  • Halloween theme
  • "Not just a spirit" expensive end-game powerup
  • Boss-rush DLC

Join the community discord and let me know of anything:Discord.gg

Cloaks and Capes, Just released on Steam

Cloaks and Capes, Just released on Steam


I've been working relentlessly on my solo developed first game on 0$ budget for 2.5 years, and im proud to announce that today marks its release on Steam...

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