Something about the plot:

Our story starts in a small village somewhere, one day the village is raided by unknown enemies appearently looking for something very important to them, everything is torched, no one but the protagonist survives.

The protagonist survived only because during the raid he wasn’t in the village, when he returned to his home, there was nothing left, he found his father, a former knight of the king, dying. With his last breaths he told his son to leave immediately and gave him a strange medallion, saying that it was the key to unlock an immense power, that amulet was given to the knight by the king in person, who told him to give it to his son when “the time will come”.

The king was the most powerful wizard in the kingdom, he had an immense power and he also mastered the power to see the past and the future, so he was aware that one day an unknown enemy would have showed up seeking that power; he sealed the most part of his power and bestowed the key to the most loyal knight of his kingdom. His son had a great natural talent for the secrets of the arcane powers, the king as a wizard was aware of this, that’s why he told to his friend, the knight, to give the amulet to his son “when the evil danger will show up once again”.

Since that, years have passed, and the king died, the kingdom was in chaos; as the king has predicted an unknown enemy started seeking that immense power, knowing that there was no more a guardian to stop them from taking over that power and with it the kingdom itself.

So this is how our story begins... now the son of the knight has to start an extremely dangerous quest to escape the enemies who are looking for him, to save his own life and to find out the secrets of the mysterious amulet, to claim the arcane powers awaiting for him, and to discover something about his own life he wasn’t even aware of.

During his journey our hero will meet many friends and foes, always chased by evil forces controlled by a very misterious shadow wizard, who was rumored to be an undead ancient evil wizard, but no one saw him in person, and those few who saw him where no more among the living...

This is the main plot in large details.
The story plot is an original creation written by me ;)

The game is still under development, and for now there is no official release date, at least not yet. When possible I will post more news about the game project and how’s going the development.

For now I posted something about the game’s plot, I hope you will like it.

Update: the game is still under development, so the project is not dead :)
Recently the project has been switched to Unity 4.x engine, this means that all the control system has been revised to be mecanim compatible, so transitions between animation states are much better than before, a release of a short downloadable demo version showing the new control system is planned :)

Update Part 2: the development is going ahead, maybe not as much fast as I would like but it's going, many things have changed, new engine version, new animation system and so on, so I'm back to work.

Update Part 3: a ingame hud has been added, as soon as possible will publish some screenshots.

Update Part 4: the game 1st release is delayed a bit.

Update Part 5: I'm preparing the scripts handling enemies and spells, I have update unity to latest version too, so the development is going ahead :)

Update Part 6: Preparing to start working with Unity 5

Due to some recent events the release date has to be delayed a bit, it was a very hard choice, but at the moment, unfortunately, there is no other way. Anyway the game is still under development, so the work is in progress, even if there are some issues the game project is active.

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Game release delayed


Almost all master game files were stolen from me, still I cannot believe this happened, I had some games that were almost ready to be published, and now I have to start over again.

So, very unfortunately I have to delay the release date, starting over again and remake everyhting from almost the beginning. Quite a pity because this game was almost ready to be released.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Game's Development

Game's Development


This game's development keeps on going :) even with some delays here and there the project is under development, recently I have switched to Unity 4.6...

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NexArts - - 8 comments

Hey man, sorry for your loss with the files, it's pain when that happens and it's happened to me before as well.. I would love to give you a hand with this game as I want to get into more Digital Media kind of things.
I can assist in Audio/FX production for the game and maybe even concept art.

Hit me up if you're interested.

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indie970 Creator
indie970 - - 138 comments

Thank you :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
RazorXync - - 6 comments

Nice, the game looks good, I will track this game, I follow

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
jacquesrune - - 1 comments

wait how do i track a game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
indie970 Creator
indie970 - - 138 comments

To start tracking a game do this:
On game's page => profile tab => Game Watch => Track this game

After clicking on "Track this game" you'll start tracking the game :)

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Dupliaxe - - 12 comments

I love reading that short story.

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Feargeorge - - 9 comments

is this dead?

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indie970 Creator
indie970 - - 138 comments

No, it is not dead :)

The development slowed down a lot recently, because of my real job, currently this game is developed by 1 person only, that is me :)

Anyway, even if very slowly the development is still going ahead. I want to publish this game, the problem is, I don't know how long it will take exactly, there are too many variables to consider, in any case I'm not giving up.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
E25mad25 - - 11 comments

Love it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
suchislife64 - - 1 comments

how do you download it

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Mw69 - - 36 comments

This game isn't out yet.

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