In short: it is a simulation + openworld classic 16BIT pixel indie game A game of prison simulation

  • Build all kinds of prison facilities and make them work!
  • Obtain various criminals to serve your purpose!
  • Train those rookies to fill your workshop and make cash!

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A game of crime art

Drugs and arms processing

  • Build workshops and recruit proper workers inside your prison to craft drugs and arms which we all know as highest profit goods.


  • From tiny residence to big bank! Sneak in and take anything you want!

Vehicle stealing

  • Every car in parking lot or motorcycle by the road is available to steal!


  • We know that robbing a bank is already no easy task for ordinary gangsters. Then how about robbing a night club?

Gang Warfare

  • Attack and capture rival gang's stronghold, I suggest you try this only after when you have Gatling and RPG in your storehouse. At least you have some AK47.

Fast & Furious

  • DIY your vehicle and launch a speed duel with your opponents!

Street Gunfight

  • Drive your vehicles , carry your Gatling, intercept your enemies on the road and kill them all! Woo, that’s how a bloody street gunfight should be!

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International arms trade

  • After buying or capturing at least cargo wharf, you can start your international arms trade. Expand your business to the whole world!

Transnational drug smuggling

  • After buying or capturing the city airport, you can purchase your own plane to carry cargos, including drugs which will drive the world crazy!

A game you can explore every building!

  • You can enter every building and every household you see, of course you can choose your way to get in.
  • You can knock the door, pry the door, or blow the door though we don’t recommend you to do this every time.
  • You can buy some hot dogs from a stand, or spend a wonderful night with some street girls. When you see someone withdraw cash at ATM you may try to extort him from behind.
  • Every citizen and merchant can be interacted, it’s up to you to squeeze them or send them gifts. All vehicles in the parking lot can be stolen and will appear in the garage of your prison. Pick one for a drive or sell to second-hand market for extra cash.
  • Have a cup of Americano in a coffee shop, try your luck on Texas Poke or blackjack in a casino. Play basketball shoot or whack-a-mole in the arcade for a relax and blueprint. Watch show girl in strip club and enjoy SPA in massage parlor. You may even pay a visit to aquarium or museum to find inspirations for your crime!

Run and rule your prison

  • During your management of the prison, feeding the prisoners is the basic. This include various issues like electricity supply and temperature regulation. Making one mistake in these basic guarantee may ruin everything.
  • The workshops are the only places you earn your profit, so you may want to expand or rebuild them to produce top valued goods. Well, after you have the blueprint of course.

Train your prisoners

  • You may randomly receive some felons by the gov prison system.
  • These felons are skilled “Veterans”. You may convince them to work for you and train those you think worthy to make bigger profits for you!


  • Every end product from workshop requires a blueprint to unlock.
  • Blueprints can be found in residences and buildings all over the city.
  • Your skills will be tested to collect those blueprints.
  • The guns you can use on your prisoner.
  • The clothing can wear on your prisoner.

Monopolize the city

  • All raw materials come from suppliers and raw material processing factory in the city. Control these resources and you can monopolize the market.

International trade

  • After buying or capturing the harbor or airport, you can purchase cargo ship or plane to sell your “goods” to the whole world!

Rule Your Empire

  • In this city,all gangs has under your control.Try to build your empire and rule this city!

  • Pixelgangsta Studio is an independent game development studio from China, started in 2013 by Chief. We know that Chinese game developers do not have a high reputation due to large amount of rip-off. But we don’t really feel embarrassed about that, on the contrary, we believe games are the 9th art, any race, nation and civilization can make a fantastic game. So here we are, with our game of sincerity – City of God.
  • There are 8 people in our studio, while we do not have any glorious history like other game developers, we are just a group of middle-aged men who still have childhood dreams in their hearts. We are trying to make a game which we believe is cool. Of course that’s not mean we won’t listen to others’ advice, but before we impress you, we must impress ourselves first.
  • Beside sleeping, we are throwing all our time on the game. We know that it will take too long to finish the game with just 6 of us and we can hardly hold till then. We can not count the government support, and there is no unemployment benefits in China. So we can do nothing but press on!

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