The goal in a "Charlie" match will be different depending on whether you choose to play as a doll or a survivor.
As a Survivor you will have to take into account several factors in order to successfully finish the match.
Each survivor has 3 chances to reach their goal. This means that you can reappear in the match if you are eliminated a maximum of 3 times. From then on, you will have to wait until the match is over or two of your teammates bring you back using a "ritual".

You must be careful because you will have reduced health compared to "Charlie" and although you can regain your health using first aid kits, these are limited and you must take into account that the rest of the survivors will also want to use them.

As a survivor you will have two ways to end the match successfully. Escape from the map alive or defeat Charlie.
In order to escape from the map you will have to follow several steps that will be different depending on the map you are in. Knowing how to play your cards properly and not wasting time will be key to achieving this.
If time runs out or you don't see the possibility of escaping from the map, there is also the option of defeating Charlie.

The first option would be to kill him 3 times since those are the lives he has. But be careful, Charlie's health is 10 times greater than a survivor's health and you will have to deal with all the powers that the doll has.

The second option to defeat Charlie is to make him go back to hell. It will not be easy and it will be a task that will have to be carried out among several survivors.

Will you have the courage to be a real survivor?

Playing as Charlie will have all the powers of a dark demon in your hands. But obviously you'll have to save your strength so that you don't stand unarmed in front of the survivors who decide to fight you.

Charlie will have a lot of health and 3 lives that you will have to take care of if you don't want the survivors to escape.
Charlie's skills are unique and special, useful for every situation and their use will require a certain strategy that if carried out carefully can lead you to success.

Claw Attack, Dark Fire, Shield, Detection, Teleport or Possession are some of Charlie's skills that you can use to take on the survivors.
You'll also have the extra help of "Scavengers" that you can invoke at certain points on the map and that will keep the survivors "busy" while you carry out your evil plans.

Charlie also has the option to recover his health by collecting dark orbs.

These orbs will not be easy to find and will only add a small amount of health but will be very useful when you only have one life and need a little help to finish the match.

Charlie's darkest skill and the one for which the survivors must take the most care is "Possession".

This skill fills up as the match progresses and with every kill Charlie performs. When available, Charlie will be able to possess his enemies and take full control of their actions.
This allows one survivor to eliminate another survivor while being possessed by Charlie.
When Charlie is in possession of a survivor, he will also have the option to perform a "Final Kill".

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"Charlie | The Legend" is a Multiplayer asymmetrical horror video game in which 4 Survivors must face a diabolical doll possessed by a demon.

You decide! Play as Charlie and defeat the other players or face Charlie as a survivor.

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A few days ago, the official cinematic trailer for the campaign was published on the official Fireblitz Games channel. You can watch it below.

If you want to know a little more about the game and help make this project a reality, you can take a look at the Indiegogo campaign through this link: Indiegogo Charlie The Legend

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