418 years after our planet's death the man entered into its darkest age...
The asteroid belt was the final frontier for the search of the resources. Now, it is the biggest spaceport ever known, the asteroids are almost drained and the inhabitants are raging civil war for the independence from the Earth dominion.

The governor of Vesta created a combat game show to avoid the war, the game was called Carsteroids:

"We have the greatest show in the Solar System! Are you looking for glory? Money? Are you smuggling some goods? Are you seeking for revenge? Maybe you are a slave with no choices, so fight for freedom! Or simply wanna have fun? Make your own destiny in the Carsteroids arenas!"

- 60 fps
- single player story mode
- challenge mode
- multiplayer fun (versus mode, co-op mode, capture the flag mode)
- random arenas and crazy enemies
- fast and challenging old school car combat
- powerups!
- loot and collect items
- unlockables
- bonus levels
- hidden areas
- keyboard/gamepad control
... and more!!
[version 0.99h]

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We have a date!!

Carsteroids is on Steam early access since 8-8-18 @8!

capsule main2 earlyaccess

...and the co-op is finally active.

What's better than playing together?

Arcade mode is now playable in cooperative mode. No shop, no bonus stages... just shoot! Power-ups are randomly given at the end of each wave. Share them with your co-pilot, share the hi-score and share the fun!

screenshot coop

v0.993 - Arcade mode & other stuff

Arcade unlocked! Now you can shoot without thinking. The arcade mode is for the players that don't like to read the story and don't want to manage money and power-ups. Just start, shoot, make high scores and repeat! Here all the news:

  • Arcade unlocked! (1 token 1 play)
  • New enemy weapon: EMP shot
  • New visual effect: electric shock
  • New character playable intro
  • Global weapons calibration
  • New gameplay music
  • New shop powerup: token/money converter
  • Hard bugfixing & testing


v0.992 - Less hard!


Game updated after many feedbacks about the very hard difficulty. I really wanted to make a difficult game but maybe it's too much :) so I tuned up some enemy behaviour and made some damage adjustments:

  • The spinning enemies now cause less damage.
  • The aggressive cars don't push you anymore and cause less damage.
  • The first boss now has a reduced rate of fire.
  • Introduced the "perfect" bonus (you unlock it when you have 100% energy plus 100% accuracy).
  • Added random emails: you can now receive special offers on your BBS terminal to buy in the shop.
  • - Made small ajustments on the gear panel (all about the link between shop items and the stats they give).
  • Added some guides on steam.
  • The mutiplayer experience is smoother now.
  • Two new gameplay music added.
  • Added Linux support.
  • Fixed too many bugs!
0.99M alpha update + steam page online ^-^

0.99M alpha update + steam page online ^-^


Steam product page is online! Now you can add Carsteroids to your wishlist! 🎉

0.99M Alpha

0.99M Alpha


Multiplayer mode now on! + new features + much more...

0.99L Alpha - AI+

0.99L Alpha - AI+


Hi! during these days (and nights!) I'm working to improve the gameplay experience, the atmosphere and the fun!

Vote for me on Steam Greenlight!

Vote for me on Steam Greenlight!


Please support me visiting and voting for Carsteroids

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Carsteroids demo

Carsteroids demo


Carsteroids is a challenging 2D top-down car-combat shooter with rogue-like elements. Inspired by the 90's arcade machines and the 16-bit era machines...

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