CoreBreach is THE brand-new futuristic "anti-gravity" racing game with combat-based gameplay.

Features include:

  • 6 exciting anti-gravity racing ships from easily maneuverable to rigid but ultra-fast
  • 6 beautiful, detailed and futuristic race tracks of varying difficulty
  • 6 different combat weapons incl. the deadly „Zeus Plasma Cannon“
  • career mode with enthralling story-line
  • upgrade ships and weapons with your trophy money
  • unlock bonus tracks by accomplishing special objectives
  • split-screen multiplayer support
  • internet high-scores for global competition
  • time-attack mode for endless challenge
  • support for steering wheels and gamepads
  • create new race tracks or play race tracks other users built
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Version 1.1.5 of CoreBreach has been released for all currently supported platforms, and will appear in online stores distributing CoreBreach in a few days. This release fixes a few problems, brings some nice performance gains and incorporates enhancements in response to user feedback (smaller music notification, additional easier difficulty level). This version has also been significantly rewritten for iOS compatibility, expect CoreBreach coming to iPhone & iPad devices in a few days.

Since porting to new platforms is nearly finished now, we can turn our attention to improving the game in response to user feedback to make everyone happy with it. Since the most common complaint with the game seems to be about the playership steering we’d like to invite every (potential) customer to give us feedback how to improve the game in this area here:

Desura - CoreBreach Forum - Steering Improvements

Full v1.1.5 ChangeLog:
First version for iOS
Added an even easier difficulty level by popular demand
Improved performance, graphics & stability
Improved usability with better font rendering and smaller on-screen notifications
Added fallback special effects for systems without post-processing
Fixes problem with online high-scores and nicknames containing spaces (Mac) Fixes problem with the multiplayer mode and the pause-menu (Windows/Linux)

CoreBreach finally released for Windows and Linux

CoreBreach finally released for Windows and Linux


After months of waiting the Linux and Windows versions of the anti-gravity racing game CoreBreach are finally released! The full version and a free playable...

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archmcshane - - 3 comments

I have a problem What do I need in the folder to install a custom track?

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BlackRoxxx - - 11 comments

just got it free today... looks awesome

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TheReaperUK - - 19 comments

I like this game, not to hard and plays well, good on keyboard or a gamepad, for the price this is a top game has some minor control issues but its still very very playable, i give it 8/10.

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ArtemZ - - 11 comments

I installed the demo version and it works flawlessly on my notebook with nvidia optimus and ubuntu 12.04. All I had to do is to properly install bumblebee package and configure desure to launch games using optirun binary

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mateo14927 - - 40 comments

Where is version for Mac OS X?

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corecode Creator
corecode - - 12 comments

its on the Mac App Store:

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ubuntugamer - - 2 comments

poor support for dual-head setup: no way to select a graphics mode that doesn't span both monitors. sorry...looks like a good game but if i can't set a resolution to my satisfaction i'm not interested.

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ubuntugamer - - 2 comments

I found a workaround to the twin-head setup issue but trying to play the game with a usb gamepad was a less than satisfactory experience with the sluggish response and consistently bouncing off of walls/flying off the track. My gamepad is calibrated. I even recalibrated it but it made no difference.

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vsmash - - 1 comments

This game is on flames! will buy!

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Progressor - - 16 comments

The demo is crashing while loading the track

Terminal output: Error: md5 sum mismatch on track property xml 90f4ebc5ca3728c64252eb9dd6a02e1a41

(Linux 64)

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