Camp Keepalive is a turn-based strategy game set in a camp straight out of an 80's horror movie. Save the helpless and dull-witted campers from an onslaught of monsters with a team of counselors, each with a special power. Players are tasked with controlling a group of four counselors on a mission to save the campers from the horrors that lurk in the night, and the camp from a series of unfortunate wrongful death lawsuits. Camp Keepalive’s gameplay focuses on strategic decision-making, where player must always think a few turns ahead and where one wrong move can lead to a sudden reduction in staff... With twenty levels, eight counselors each with special abilities, and a free-play "Keepalive" mode, Camp Keepalive has plenty of challenge to keep make this a summer to remember...

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Day 7 - Spooktacular Indie Collection

The last hurrah (read BOOya) of Desura's 7 Days of Horror is the Spooktacular Indie Collection. Organ Trail: Directors Cut, Downfall, Camp Keepalive and The Cat Lady make up four of our most spooky, horrific, heart stopping Indie games.

Each game here will be on sale for 75% off for the remainder of the sale! A fantastic low price all to ease your wallet related issues! Make sure you get each one!

Check out the Halloween Jump Scare Video Contest for a chance to win an uberpack of horror games that will give you the chills!

Summer Isn't Ending... It's Just Getting Started

Summer Isn't Ending... It's Just Getting Started


Twofold Secret is pleased to announce that Camp Keepalive, a turn-based strategy game with an 80's horror movie theme, will be launching on August 24th...

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banjo_oz - - 2 comments

I just bought this based on positive impressions of the demo... great ambiance, music and fun! Sadly, though, now I've paid for it I can't download the full game to play!

In either the right-hand-side list of downloads or the list accessed from my Desura collection, there is NO download listed for Windows, only Apple or Linux. The demo has a Windows build available and the full game has a "playable on Windows" icon right next to the 'buy' button indicating it SHOULD have one too. But there's none to be found in either download list, for some reason.

I hope I haven't been misled into paying for a game I can't download and play. I have no intention of using some online client to play when no indication is given I will have to do this just because I am on Windows.

Can someone please point me to a download link for the Windows zip please (I've already PM'ed the devs, but not sure if it's something they need to fix or Desura)? I'd hate to have to ask for a refund, because the demo was a lot of fun.

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banjo_oz - - 2 comments

Followup: I emailed the devs of the game directly (via their website, linked to on this page) and they VERY promptly helped me out in getting a working Windows version I could play... MANY thanks! The game is, incidentally, extremely fun and awesome! :)

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floatstarpx - - 1 comments

are you going to be selling this anywhere other than desura? even a direct download on your own site?

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YukoValis - - 18 comments

Ok first of all, it looks a little confusing, but at least you provide a demo to help.. Second of all and most importantly... if your inspiration is 80's horror movies then where is the blood and gore?!? I mean comeon, that's a vital part of it. You are doing like Atari graphics, it's not that hard to do some decapitations or stabbing etc. You would hardly get into trouble for it either.

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TwofoldSecret Creator
TwofoldSecret - - 2 comments

Hi everyone, we are aware of some audio issues with Camp Keepalive for people running OSX 10.7. If you are encountering any issues, please let us know via PM or at!

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Gorzahg - - 22 comments

The demo was good, but it not worth $10.

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DoraAreGames - - 15 comments

I was enjoying this, but unfortunately the game keeps locking up on me after I make my first move in Camp Chromium. :( I select a counselor, take my turn, and then the game "freezes" upon spawning another camper, with the cursor stuck as a stopwatch, and nothing else happens. I can still access the menu to exit and restart the level, but it happens every single time. I'm running Windows 7 pro.

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TwofoldSecret Creator
TwofoldSecret - - 2 comments

Thanks for the report, Dora. We've got a fix incoming for this shortly if anyone else is encountering the same issue!

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DoraAreGames - - 15 comments

Thanks so much guys! Great to see developers care so much about their work and issuing such speedy fixes. :) Really enjoying the game so far.

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bossonova911 - - 37 comments


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