Camp Keepalive is a turn-based strategy game set in a camp straight out of an 80's horror movie. Save the helpless and dull-witted campers from an onslaught of monsters with a team of counselors, each with a special power. Players are tasked with controlling a group of four counselors on a mission to save the campers from the horrors that lurk in the night, and the camp from a series of unfortunate wrongful death lawsuits. Camp Keepalive’s gameplay focuses on strategic decision-making, where player must always think a few turns ahead and where one wrong move can lead to a sudden reduction in staff... With twenty levels, eight counselors each with special abilities, and a free-play "Keepalive" mode, Camp Keepalive has plenty of challenge to keep make this a summer to remember...

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awesome game 10/10


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Played a preview version of this at MAGFest 2013 and it was really awesome.


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