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Take your trusty laser rifle and strap into the boots of Björn the Bunkercrawler. Find your way deeper and deeper into the old bunker complex of Wuhnsgrad. Until you can go no more.

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Shoot your way through hordes of rouge robots. See them fall like dominos!

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Collect upgrades for your weapon. Quadruple the damage. Increase your rate of fire. Hell. Change the mode of your weapon entirely. Get that speedy quad damage shotgun and wreak havoc amongst the enemies!

  • Use WASD or Left Stick to move. Use your mouse or Right Stick to look.
  • Use LMB or Right Trigger to shoot.
  • Use Spacebar or Left Trigger to jump.
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The ReBunkered Update


Hello there folks!

Bunker Björn

Today is a day. Surprise! We come to you bearing updates to Bunker Björn. And the first appearence of the same on IndieDB! This time the package contains a lot of new stuff so strap in and get ready for the lasertag with real lasers!

So what do we have this time?

We basically reworked all the bunker parts. We even came up with a fancy custom lighting solution so you can enjoy the procedurally generated world with some extra nice lighting.

Bunker Björn

Hot and baked fresh from the Bakery.

We also added new modules.

End rooms - are special rooms with only one entrance. You will find destructible props in them that drop crazy amounts of pickups. Find them and mow through your enemies like a hot knife through warm butter!

Tunnels - are new pieces of the bunker. They are long winding stretches of underground tunnel for a more varied bunker experience. (Marketing told me I should say it like that)

Pickup indicators - you can now see what you’re picking up. As little extra: You can now also see what kind of damage you’re doing to your enemies and what damage they do to you.

Statistics - There are now statistics at the end of each level. When you die, you see your overall statistics. Because numbers rock! As long as I don’t have to count them myself, anyway.

New spawning behaviour - You will now more reliably meet some robots to shoot at!

Bunker Björn

Known issues:

  • There’s a game crash going on sometimes after reaching the exit and going to the next level.
  • The Crazy Gun is stupid
  • Some bots appear to have lost their AI core connection and remain still after spawning

Please find the new build on itch. Leave us some of the happyness you bring!


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