help Buggy the clown escape the wacky universe and in the process also find out how he got there

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Game Overview



Buggy is a platformer puzzle with a twist

You control buggy a clown who is stranded in a lonely universe and wants to get back home. Well you have a space buggy and it can get you where you want to but you do not have enough fuel to make it back home and therefore you need to go around collecting fuel.

The catch:
But there is only a limited amount of fuel in each planet and you need to get to several other planets and collect fuel before you could make a journey back home. But then, the planets in this universe are kind of small, they are placed very close to each other, and have a very weak gravitational force. So... you can just jump from planet to planet using a very low amount of fuel and jumping to nearby satellites doesnt require energy at all, but if you missed you will be thrown off into space to float for eternity. And yes there are clown eating monsters all around the place.

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