Book of Dungeon is a hardcore text-based RPG in which you have to create an unique hero and plunge with him into the atmosphere of a grim fantasy. Difficult turn-based battles with terrifying creaters, interesting dialogues, many of secrets and hundreds of rooms are waiting for you.

Key features

Unique hero

You can create almost any character you wish. Choose a hero's name, race, gender, and even age. Develop it as you see fit. Want to play as a warrior and a wizard at the same time? - You are welcome! Or want to put all the points in speed and pass the game without ever fighting? - You can try. But don't forget that the parameters of the hero affect not only the outcome of the battles, but also other possibilities.

You can improve 8 characteristics of the hero, which affect more than fifteen stats, and develop about twenty different skills.

Huge dungeon

Move through the huge dungeon consisting of hundreds of dark rooms. Explore the ancient catacombs to understand what they were built for, and what is happening in them now. Try to unravel the history of this grim place or at least save your life.

Play like you want

Many alternative passing options. You can pass the game as you see fit. You do not have to fight with every opponent and clean every room. You can communicate and trade with other characters, fulfill their requests, or try to take their lives. The choice of what to do is only yours, as well as you are responsible for it.



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At the start of the game player creates the main character. As usually in rpg you can set hero’s name, race, sex. After it you need to spend the characteristics points to different parameters such strength, agility, intellect, etc. There are only seven of them but about twenty different stats are attached to them, this is health and mana, attack power, chances of dodge or block, different resists. Each stat depends on one or several characteristics. Also in the game may be situations where the characteristics of the hero will be checked to perform certain actions. For example, a weak hero won’t be able to move a heavy stone or not enough smart one won’t be able to understand the system of some mechanism. However this doesn’t mean what you need to improve all of the characteristics because if you can’t do something in one way, maybe you can do it another. We will stop on the hero’s characteristics and stats at another time, for now let’s move on.


The hero is created and it’s time to play the game. What does the gameplay look like? The player receives a text description of what is happening and several options to choose from. For example, entering any dungeon room he will see its short description and the list of what the hero was spotted. Suppose that the room has a chest, a switch on the wall and two passes, one of which is closed by a door. Then the player will be asked to inspect the chest, switch or door, go through the open pass or go back where he came from.The battles are turn based. Still in text form player receives information about the attacks made by the hero and his enemy and chooses the next action. Run away, for example.However the game is not without any graphic interfaces. In convenient windows player can easily get information about the status of his hero, improve or just view his characteristics, look in the inventory, read quest log, etc. In the battle you also can see the enemy status.


The game can be completed in different ways. For example, you don’t have to fight with all of the monsters, you may find that this zombie doesn’t protect anything important and you can just pass by. A cunning hero will be able to break the lock, the strong one can simply break down the frail door, while the attentive character will notice the key in the corner. You can negotiate with other characters, complete their quests, waiting for help in return. Or you can try to kill them for any personal reason and still pass the game.


Of course Book of Dungeon as any self-respecting role play game has a story. But you will see it in the game after release (I hope soon). Or not? Because it will be scattered throughout the entire dungeon... Can you solve this puzzle and understand what is happening and how you can get out of this situation?

Development Diary #3

Development Diary #3


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Hero: Characteritics and Stats

Hero: Characteritics and Stats


Hello! I want to tell you about the various parameters of the hero and how they affect him.

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