BloodnGuns is a zombie shooter with a large arsenal of weaponry and power ups to chose from. Deal with an endless horde of zombies attacking you on screen at the same time, dynamically generated backgrounds to litter with dead zombies and 6 survival game play modes will keep you challenged indefinitely.

There are over 30 achievements and 7 leaderboards to rank your scores and challenge the way you play!
Google Play Store FREE!

ITunes Store $0.99 (free version coming soon)

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For those who are not familiar with iOS version of our game, it is simple. It is a zombie survival shooter. Although these are not your usual zombies, they have giant swords, axes, wizard zombies shooting fireballs and archers shooting flaming blue arrows!

There are over 12 guns to choose from, some real, some made up. Also dynamite, always good to have dynamite with zombies around. Power ups are necessary to stay alive, they give you health, armor, shields, increase gun fire rate, total ammo, reload speed and more but they only last a limited time so you have to keep picking up more.

We have over 30 achievements and 7 leaderboards connected to Game Center and Google Play. How many seconds can you dodge zombies without being hit? How many can you kill in one game?

The smoke monster displayed above is only on the Android version as of now. He cannot be hurt, you can run through him but you will take a lot of damage. So it is best to avoid him at all times.

We will be posting the Windows version as soon as it is done to indiedb. If we have enough requests we will port a mac and linux version as well. Please post comments and suggestions, we love feedback.

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Need to come out with a update love this game and my iPhone 6 Plus is going to lose it please come out with a update

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