Blood of Darkness is a hardcore 2D shooter about a lustful alcoholic priest who was revived by the devil, and this was his biggest mistake! Blood, occultism, zombies, crucified lustful soucubs, as well as hurricane shooting with realistic physics and calculation of the kinetic energy of bullets and fragments, and all this in pixel art - this is Blood Of Darkness The game is inspired by the shooters of the late 90s ============ TO Kill Blow Up Eat the Hearts Of the Undead Drink Whiskey Smoke Collect Weapons and Ammo Enjoy! PS We regret that we have to release the unfinished game to Early Access, but if people like the game, we can finish it.

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Level design & physics


In this game i made advanced physics for props and for bullets
For example any weapon is have personal settings + randomization settings for bullet, for example bullets from SMG is have a big speed and small drag, this bullets is have a big kinetic energy on large distance, after impact the bullets can reflect from surface. Bullets from shotgun is have a big damage but lose all energy on large distance.
And i made interested moment with grenades - the grenades spawn sheels after explode, and this shells can kill someone. It was very interested for me

The shaders in the game has been made in amplify shader editor

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Blood Of Darkness

Blood Of Darkness


The early access draft build - the version - alpha 1.1

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