Birth of Papyrus is a platform/puzzle game telling the story

of two ghostly girls traveling between two worlds.


You control Jem, a little girl of 11 years, when she wakes up in a dreamlike parallel world.
Exploring the world in search of signs of life, she will be at the heart of unpredictable phenomena: she is regularly teleported into the real world, in places which are familiar.
She will meet her twin Hina, whose presence is quite ghostly, as well as her imaginary friend, taking the form of a shadow with a top hat.
Jem will realize that her own presence is anything but normal. She is alone, transparent to the eyes of all and suffer from this solitude. Then begin a quest for existence, looking for a prince who can cure her illness and for answers about her dark fate...

Key features

  • A fairytale as dramatic as poetic where space and time are intertwined, on the border between two worlds.
  • An experimental storytelling playing with objects symbolic, multiple reading levels and a post-game reinterpretation.
  • A gameplay involved in the narrative, combining exploration phases with platform/puzzle levels.
  • A rich and surprising puzzle environment, based on cooperation with an impulsive imaginary friend.
  • A contrasted visual between a dull realistic world and a dreamlike parallel world.
  • A musical atmosphere unique of its kind, entirely played on piano and integrated into the story.

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The team Frenetic Experience Studio is proud to present the first demo of our game in development: Birth of Papyrus - Posterity

Click this link to download:

Birth of Papyrus - Demo Posterity

Platform: Windows
Language: English, French
Play time: ~10 minutes

We call this demo "Posterity." It is an improved release from what we presented at the "Stunfest 2014", a French video game festival.
We intend to make others throughout the development. For each, we will present a few minutes of new gameplay that will serve as prequels to the final game.

That is two and a half years that this project exists and makes its way gradually. The release of this demo is a way for us to turned a page and go ahead. We want to restart on a new basis and communicate more seriously about our game. We're going to change of engine in the days to come and revise gameplay, visual and scenario. More informations in a future post.

We value your opinion. Feel free to leave a comment.
If you encounter technical problems, bring us the details and we will do our best to solve it.

Have fun!

About Birth of Papyrus

Birth of Papyrus is a platform/puzzle game telling the story of two ghostly girls traveling between two worlds. You control Jem, an 11 years old girl lost in these worlds and searching for signs of life. Although she's transparent to the eyes of all, she will meet strange characters in her quest for existence: an impulsive boy as a shadow wearing a top hat and her mysterious twin named Hina, whose fate seems strongly linked to hers...

About Frenetic Experience Studio

Frenetic Experience Studio is a French amateur team of video game development. It's a meeting of young enthusiasts students or freelancers from different backgrounds who want to express themselves artistically through their passion for video games. We aim to create alternative gaming experiences, confronting players with new emotions and bearing a pronounced narrative dimension

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Birth of Papyrus - Presentation

Birth of Papyrus - Presentation


First post on IndieDB and project presentation! - Birth of Papyrus is a platform/puzzle game telling the story of two ghostly girls traveling between...

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Birth of Papyrus - Demo Posterity

Birth of Papyrus - Demo Posterity

Demo 2 comments

We call this demo "Posterity." It is an improved release from what we presented at the "Stunfest 2014", a French video game festival. We intend to make...

monkey_king_studio - - 11 comments

Salut les français !

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ReMinœr Creator
ReMinœr - - 3 comments

Salut sidarak. Heureux de voir que les français nous retrouve. :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
monkey_king_studio - - 11 comments

yes, on se verra au stunfest ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
yhoyhoj - - 67 comments

"French". Tracking !

Même si je ne suis pas tout a fait sûr que ce soit mon style de jeu, j'aime bien suivre des projets comme ça de toute façon ! J'espère que vous continuerez aussi bien que vous avez commencé avec cette présentation (ou alors encore mieux, si on parle en terme de langue).

Here is an English translation for non-francophone people :
Great !
Yes, English can tell in one word what you say in 2 sentences in French (or maybe not).

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ReMinœr Creator
ReMinœr - - 3 comments

Thanks for your support, yhoyhoj. :)

I know that our English is limited but we will make an effort. Promised. ;)

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#BirthOfPapyrus colors in a natural setting.

Oct 2 2015

#BirthOfPapyrus is still far away to become a reality but we're still motivated by the experience we design and concerned by its quality.

Jun 26 2015

Some parts of the code began to be awful since they have been written 3 years ago. We also want tools to program in a more enjoyable way.

Jun 26 2015

Hello there ! We redesign #BirthOfPapyrus engine since a few weeks. Still based on #Monogame but with Unity-like components programming.

Jun 26 2015

RT @RemiMorillon: Finished to implement Lua scripting in #BirthOfPapyrus ! Awesome so far.

Mar 28 2015

RT @RemiMorillon: Currently I implement #Lua scripting in #BirthOfPapyrus. Seems promising. Our homemade scripting language was way too limited and untidy.

Feb 17 2015

RT @RemiMorillon: #LT Actually, it's a present from my sister. We don't have money for advertising so Santa Claus is responsible of our marketing department.

Jan 11 2015

RT @RemiMorillon: Amazing derived products ! Lifelike stickers! Limited edition at 10 prints! Only $100! Comes with an autograph!

Jan 11 2015

RT @RemiMorillon: Marie-Debora release an awesome music after a long period without progress. I feel motivation grow in myself ! #birthofpapyrus

Nov 17 2014

[fr] Nous cherchons un graphiste 2D pour les décors de Birth of Papyrus. RT apprécié.

Nov 1 2014