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~ Remember when you gathered in your basement for all night long playsessions?
To fight critters and try keeping your eyes open at 4am?
We do, and we want to have it all again. ~​

Biosignature - escape from ice moon is an aliens-inspired 80s scifi Top-Down Shooter
for up to 4 Players on the couch/online or mixed if you like

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Hello IndieDB!

Today, I finally felt it was time to add my project to IndieDB! I started working on Biosignature in spring 2016 and I think I'm doing quite well, considering its a spare time project.

I'm very inspired by games that I enjoyed in my youth, most of them coop games. I remember spending whole nights slaying monsters in Diablo or Blaze n Blade (PS1 that was) with my roommate, on a tiny TV, eyes burning like fire. I want to bring that feeling back.

About the game

Biosignature is an Aliens-like 80s SciFi TopDownShooter
for up to 4 players on the couch,online or mixed if you like

Theme: 80s Retro-SciFi, I’m looking for something that looks, feels and sounds like Aliens (J. Cameron). Oh, that film!

Recent Media:


  • 3D Top-down view
  • Mouse/KB and/or Gamepads
  • Shooter with ammo and reload mechanic
  • Coop, with up to 4 Players on the couch, online, and also mixed
  • 4 Characters with differing basic stats
  • There will be a story
  • Varying set of mission objectives (story driven)
  • Semi/full procedural levels
  • No permadeath (at least not mandatory)

Technical basis: Unity 3D

If you like, you can also follow my development progress in detail here: G-phil.com

All the best and see you next time,
Philipp :)

Flexible game AI for Biosignature

Flexible game AI for Biosignature


An in-depth article about how AI is approached in Biosignature by using a handmade behavior tree system.

Working on Enemy AI

Working on Enemy AI


Writing my own XML-based behavior tree system for enemy AI

Cyclic Level Generation

Cyclic Level Generation


Learn about what Cyclic Level Generation is and how I implemented it for Biosignature!

 Dev Update 08-Apr-2017 - Culling floors, the hard way!

Dev Update 08-Apr-2017 - Culling floors, the hard way!

News 2 comments

Learn about custom culling with camera matrices. Also, one of the roughest week in development yet.

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