Bionic Marine Command Online

Genre: Free-To-Play Sci-Fi Multiplayer Sandbox RPG/MOBA
Platforms: PC, MAC
Game Types: Single player, Multiplayer RPG, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

The Company
Space Dwarves Entertainment is a group of (50+) gamers, creators, and fellow sci-fi enthusiasts that are dedicated to making a world that players will not only enjoy playing in, but adding to as well. We keep a watchful eye on feedback and want to make a game that empowers player creativity and imagination, which is why we will have regular streams as well as direct communication with you through our forums and social media outlets. We know who games are for which is why we are committed to the players themselves by giving them autonomy in the development process.

cold flare

What is BMCO?

Take charge in our upcoming sandbox RPG and MOBA Bionic Marine Command Online – visceral combat, vast exotic expanses, and an enthralling narrative define this intriguing new entry in the space opera genre. You are a survivor struggling alongside your comrades and friends to strike back against the might of R.O.M.E, the corporate empire spread across the galaxy that has stripped it of everything that has brought it prosperity. Harness and master your skills to discover the awful truth of the deadly virus that has exterminated the adult population of the besieged worlds that you call home. Band together with the Bionic Marine Command or one of many renegade bands of mercenaries during your struggle. This is your adventure. Your story. Your universe.

Bionic Marine Command Online features 4 distinct gameplay branches, each with its own style of play. You can experience each one of these by creating multiple characters that can interact with each other in game.

  • Colonial Ranger: Explore a vast, ever-expanding universe full of robotic drones, mechs, and even space pirates to kill with an impressive arsenal of weapons and skills as a Colonial Ranger.
  • Mech Operator: Build, customize, and control a powerful and Mech that can stomp, drill, blast, and even incinerate your enemies on the specialized Mech Battle Fields.
  • Space Pilot: Explore this newly found galaxy from the point of view of a space ship pilot. Build and customize your ship to suit your needs as a captain. Complete cargo missions, assault enemy ships, or just fly your friends around for a good time.
  • Engineer: Craft like like you never have before. There is a plethora of amazing weapons, armor, and even ship parts that need making and no one is better suited for filling these orders than an experienced engineer.

Player progression is handled through our dynamic skill system rather than a traditional leveling system. Players begin with a default set of abilities and grow their character by playing how they want. Their skills and talent choices automatically adjust to their playstyle.

In the future the most powerful installations are not countries or governments but large corporations. Seeing that our beloved Earth was on the brink of resource depletion, the corporations set out to terraform and colonize other planets in order to expand their enterprises and survive. The colonies were successfully established across the universe when an inexplicable tragedy struck in the form of a massive virus that swiftly wiped out the entire adult population. It is left to a generation of embattled orphans to rebuild society and fend for themselves against an impending legion of mysterious robotic soldiers and guns for hire.

Players will be able to join open games or create custom games of their own. Battle head to head against other players as aBionic Marine or Mech Pilot in the following game modes:

  • “Survival FFA (Free For All)” – You’re pitted against other players in an all-out brawl to the death.
  • “Team Deathmatch” – Work together with teammates to complete objectives and take out other players.
  • “Capture The Point” – Work together with teammates to hold important strategic locations and prevent other teams’ players from claiming them.
  • “Legendary Battles” – Battle against legions of mini-bosses with a team and create varied strategies to overcome them.

Item Submissions
Join the creative process and be rewarded for your artistic skills by submitting weapons and armor pieces to the ever expanding arsenal. If yours are chosen by the team you will receive a percentage of the sales!

Border Moons
Border Moons offers players their own personal housing system.Players will also be able to purchase their own newly terraformed moon through the Border Moons Content Pack. Once you buy your moon the terraforming process is up to you. Do you want mountains, deserts, islands, forests, frozen tundras? You can have them all! Once you have designed the landscape you can add bunkers, outposts, NPCs, and even create your own quest lines for others (and yourself) to play. When you’re satisfied with your creation share it and visit the plethora of moons made by other players!

Core Features
-Create a heavily customizable character
-Explore enchanting levels that immerse the player in the lore of the Space Dwarves universe and details the true natural beauty of the galaxy in peril
-Take the battle to your enemies in a vigorous and intriguing narrative experience as a Colonial Ranger
-There are no levels, only dynamic character progression
-Space Combat and Mech battle fields-Item Crafting
-Public Dynamic Story Events
-Player housing that showcases your creativity and style in a meaningful way through the Border Moons Expansion
-Cross over raids that involve Spaceships, Mechs, and Rangers
-High level Heroic Zones
-Mounts and Fast-Travel
-Structured and Open Multiplayer Game Types with a MOBA slant
-Classless, adaptive, and fluid character system that responds to the way you play.
-Ardently pledge your allegiance to the estimable Bionic Marine Command or one of many crafty, resourceful mercenary bands against the might of R.O.M.E and their cutthroat legions of lackeys and drones!
cold flare

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