You are the Beggarman. Trapped in the Twilight Zone. Coming for the evil Dr. Lebensfeynd that took away your daughter. Will you conquer the surreal scenarios that part you from gratification? Will you defeat the infernal foes that bar your way? Find it all out in this classic down-to-earth actioner! Coming, as always, when it´s done from Schade-Studios!

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Old School carnage!



this is the Colonel. Just to give you a short update on the Beggarman, things are going quite well!

Working on gameplay mechanics (we got some cool new features), dialogue and eventing system.
The game design tends more to old school 2D shooter carnage with some RPG elements, so we are trying to deliver a fine blend of relentless action, character development and storytelling.
Relying on some claustrophobic impressions, fans of the original Diablo I atmosphere will probably have a clue.

Let´s see how it turns out!

Later on inventory and item design will follow.

In some time there will be a public gameplay demo available, provoking your highly appreciated feedback!
Hopefully anybody cares ;)

Right now there´s a new gameplay video on Youtube in 720p, be sure that you don´t miss it:

Until the next update!

The Colonel

Colonel_Justice Creator

More or less, it´s going to be like this ;)
Slaying a diversity of enemies and looting items as you proceed.


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Yeah! Diablo with guns :) Coool.

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