A friend and I are developing a 2D-style Beat 'em Up called "Beat 'em Up". We've worked on the game since about October, and we've gotten fairly far (if only the animator/designer would hurry the hell up!) seeing we only began a few moths ago. The idea is creating a simple, easy, interesting and fun fighting game. With a breathtaking online multiplayer, and an awesome 2 player (maybe up to 3-4 players) offline multiplayer. There is a demo with this, though it is barely a pre-pre-pre-alpha, which means there are multiple bugs and other functions not yet available. We've included a list of things finished in the game as of now, in addition to some of the things we hope to add. Feel free to comment, criticize, help or even yell at what we've done and hope to achieve, it could be a big help. NB! The characters that we are using for now is only for test, and we will change these characters as soon as we are done with designing our own characters. For more information check out the features.

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This is the first pre-pre-pre alpha. If you are excited to try this pre-alpha, you should know that this game is under development and it is not finished yet. Therefore there are a lot of bugs. This pre-alpha is just a test so you could see how the game looks. Since the game is not optimized, it will probably run slow on some computers. If you like the game, a comment would be nice. NB! You will need 2 xbox-controllers to play the game.

The pre-alpha could be downloaded from this link:




Things we have done [V] and things we not have done yet [ ]

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