Use your team of four to face off against opponents and their teams from among your friends or others ready to take on your challenge

Through your hard work your team members will increase in strength, learn new and powerful spells and gain new equipment. Once you have proven yourself on the battlefield you may even be presented with epic boss battles to earn strange and secret new weapons or abilities.

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There are many ways of saying Dark Mage. Black Mage, Sorcerer and Mage are a few. There is a long rich history on the matter. I however will not get into the specifics right now. Suffice it to say a Dark Mage, will be awesome.

BattleschoolFacebook wrote: Hmm giving me elemental powers would be a catastrophe. Honest. I would make my desert landscape into a forest, winter snow feel like the tropics and occasionally freeze everything just for the fun of it. I mean like 6 inches of ice. Lucky for you, I am just previewing the Dark Mage powers in the new upcoming #Indiegame Battleschool. Enjoy. #IndieDev


Battleschool - Creating Sam

Battleschool - Creating Sam


Our newest Battleschool character, Sam is now complete. Take a look at this infographic to go on the journey with us for the process to complete our final...

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Today's #screenshotsaturday post showing our latest, the human's attack animation.

Sep 16 2017

A cool effect we use to show which character is selected. #screenshotsaturday

Aug 12 2017

Here's the other Dryad animation as promised #screenshotsaturday. This is the take damage animation.

Jul 8 2017

One of two new animation previews we're showing this week for #screenshotsaturday. This one is a pilot for the...

Jul 8 2017

Hey friends and fans, we're happy to once again be able to bring you a #screenshotsaturday post. Our rigger and...

Jun 10 2017

#screenshotsaturday for Battleschool this week is a mosaic of our Dryad's movements. Let us know what you think.…

Apr 29 2017

#screenshotsaturday is back for Battleschool today! We're showing a mosaic of our Dryad's movements. Some you've...

Apr 29 2017

#screenshotsaturday this week is titled "A Girl and Her Cube". Let us know what you think!

Mar 11 2017

#screenshotsaturday New Dryad animations! Here he'll spawn vines to ensnare an enemy. #indiedev

Mar 4 2017

#screenshotsaturday. More Dryad animations. This is one where he'll spawn some underground vines that cross the...

Mar 4 2017