Goggles? Check.

Ammunition? Check.

Stinky Fish? Check!

Your country needs you!

Take to the sky in your trusty biplane and join ridiculous battles against other pilots.

In the world of Baron, pilots are animals, and aerial weapons include Giant Anvils, Flamethrowers, Freeze Rays, and a handful of Stinky Fish!

Which famous fighter ace will prevail?

Up to 8 players can battle either all-on-all or in teams. You might need a longer couch!

4 Unique Aircraft

Each with different characteristics and handling.

Easy to learn, but with a depth that will take months to master.

8 Heroic Characters

Special Weapons

  • Anvil
  • Ballbearings
  • Balloon Bomb
  • Banana
  • Black Hole
  • Bug Zapper
  • Cannon
  • Flame Thrower
  • Freeze Ray
  • Magnet
  • Ram
  • Remote Bomb
  • Stinky Fish

Stylish Design Evokes an Iconic Era

Uniforms, aircraft, and landscapes capture the spirit of the First World War era.

Characters are celebrities, followed keenly by the world watching on. News is reported by dynamic newspapers that are updated according to events in the game.

Soundtrack features 10 original 'old-time' songs including a victory song for each character.

Single Player Game Modes

  • Training Mode
  • Sheep Attack
  • Battle (vs Bot pilots)
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