Bandits: Phoenix Rising is an action based car game in the future, with a setting of the wastelands, similar to the Mad Max movies. You may equip your car with cannons, missile launchers, sniper guns, mine droppers, etc. The game features a story driven single player mode or up to 8 players in deathmatch or team deathmatch over internet or lan. (Source: Moby Games).

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Get note pad 2 and GOGOGO script untill you have your own mod

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Friday, 30 January
subject: Bandits modding Guide
creator: Jake W
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Section 1
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Basic Vehicle Modle Changeing
Step 1: Preperation
In your Bandits Root folder
go, Data>graphics>Vehicles>player>Light
in a different Window do the same but insted of going into the player Vehicles go to Wolf-Pack and then
Step 2: More Prep
Create a new folder called BACK or Backups and copy all of the Light cars files it
Create a new Folder Called Temp in the same location
Copy all of the wp-coyote files into The Temp folder you just made
so now you shold have 2 Windows with in one the Light folder and in the other the wp-coyote
Step 3: Renaming
As you can see the files dont have the same name (this varries depending on the team)
all each player car needs in a Decal picture and the Chassis- ,rwheel- and fwheel
Chassis- = a,b,c,d so on is put after this (Chassis-a.DIESEL so on)
the same goes on for the rwheel and fwheel (Rear wheel and frount wheel)
Get your temp folder and since you dont need to rename the chassis files just leave them in the TEMP for now
another thig with this wp-(wolfpack) car is that the frount and back wheels are the same so less work!!
copy all of the bkw-s- files so there are 2 of each (bkw-s-a,Copy of bkw-s-a)
rename a set to fwheel- (leave the last letter the same, Bkw-s-a change to fwheel-a, the "a" can be ethier abcdef so on)
now since you shold have a backup of all of the light files you can now cut and paste all of the newly renamed fwheels in to light and replace the origanals , while your doing this get the wp-coyote chassis files and copy them in to hear as well so you should get a message saying "are you sure you want to replace this" just push yes but make sure you have BACKUPS
Step 4: Test 1
open Bandits and go new game or muiltyplayer and chose the light car
whoooomy car is differnt!!!!
it doesnt matter at this sstage that the frount wheels dont line up to the axles (later)
or the back wheels are the same
Step 5: do it some more
now quit the game and go into the temp folder and rename like the others but this time with rwheel- insted of fwheel-
and put thiese in to the light folder, go yes to the replace message and go, Test Awayyyyyyy
Step 6: Profiles
go back to the Data folder and then go profiles
Open up light settings
and wp-coyote
i recomend useing Notepad 2 to edit text files
and some where there should be a line with
there should be one of thiese in both the wp-coyote and light settings
and a few numbers behinde it ( "133 -5 0"/> ,like this)
but frist make a backup of light setings
copy the number value from the wp-coyotes wheel positions and paste them in the light settings replaceing the ones allready there
do this for both the back and frount wheel postions
and Test
Test 2:
now as you drive around the wheels should be in the right place
but oh noes the gun is the standard one???
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Section 2
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The Changeing of the guns
Step 1: dont have to read this step
you probley have noticed that not all of the guns are on the car but the Turret
this is how you fix it
Step 1 part b: Read this
go to the graphics folder then weapons then turrets , allied-turrets in one window and player turrets in the other
in player turrets go into the p_machinegun_light
make a back up and MOVE all of the files into it
in the allied folder, go coyote machine gun
copy all and paste it into the p_machinegun_light and go test
Test 1: select the machine gun and go play in singleplayer
"my gun is so crap!!!"
How to fix is up next
Step 2: The projectile
open up both of the properties (backuped and the new one)
copy this line "projectile_type: tower_player_smallbullet"
and paste it over the one that says
"projectile_type: wolfpack_coyote_machinegun"
so now your Machinegun fires the same ammo as the old one but with the new image
if you want to change the Rate of fire just put it to a higer value (wooo a 100000000)
but wacth out for the ammo use
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For more look at Crusader mod and wolfys mod pages for more usefull stuff

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