A Roguelike inspired game set in an Asylum. Asylum Escape is a Claustrophobic Minimalistic Roguelike set in an unknown Asylum. The player has nothing but the light of his/her flash light to guide their way through the dark and treacherous corridors of the Asylum which are full of speedy relentess Guards and insane patients. Your objective is to grab as much Intel, scattered around each Depth, before escaping so you can expose the crimes of the Asylum to the world.

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Hey there! Been a little while since the last Update. As always I’ve been quite busy with day to day stuff, so fitting in Dev time can be hard but I’m getting places at the moment! Which is always good. Anyways, onto the update stuff!

- Firstly, Level Design. As I’ve said before this stage is currently in FULL swing. So I’m constantly designing levels and tweaking them at the same time. Obviously this can be quite tedious. Designing a single level, and testing and changing things usually takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks. Although on average I work on the game about 12-15 hours a week, so you can see the problem here. But, progress so far has been good.

- Boss Fights! I’ve conceptualised 3 so far and have actually designed 1. The Bosses themselves are puzzles so finding unique and interesting ways to defeat them is challenging, as there is actually no combat in the game at all.

-DEMO. So in previous updates I've mentioned the chances of there being a Demo for “Within Dreams”. I was talking about a Jan/Feb release. But seeing as it’s the end of January, you can tell that this has not gone according to plan. I don’t feel like the game is ready to be Demo’d BUT I do feel like I'm nearing an ALPHA testing phase. Details will come, when they come. But soon!-Website! No big details here, other than that I'm preparing for a site where all the WD stuff will make a cosy home for itself!

-And finally……..the elusive Trailer. So I’ve been working on both a teaser and gameplay Trailer for Within Dreams. Apart from some Framerate issues, editing, sound etc, I think you should all be seeing a Trailer pretty soon. If all goes to plan (which is always the case).

That’s it for todays update! I’ll post some new screenshots during the week. Possibly some Gifs!

"Go fuck yourselves San Diego"

- Dan (Within Dreams Developer)




ASYLUM ESCAPE IS NOW AVAILABLE. Asylum Escape was released today, for FREE. It's v1.1, the stable version!

Release Date

Release Date


Hey there! Just some quick news and info on the upcoming release.

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Asylum Escape 1.1

Asylum Escape 1.1

Full Version

A Roguelike inspired game set in an Asylum. Asylum Escape is a Claustrophobic Minimalistic Roguelike set in an unknown Asylum. The player has nothing...

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