Assault Tech 1: Battletech, or AT1:BT for short and as better known, is an independent, non commercial Activision's MechWarrior 2 series remake using a more advanced DirectX 7 graphics engine, BlitzBasic's Blitz3D ( )

Not only it includes aspects from the classic game, but combines the best gameplay details from the three most popular MechWarrior games (Mechwarrior 2/3/4) as well as it implements new Classic Battletech rules that were long awaited by most die-hard Battletech fans, and looks forward to include even more control over other types of units aside from the well known 'Mechs.

Like in the classic game, the storyline-timeline is based around the refusal war between the Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf and also currently including its post-war expansion: Ghost Bear's Legacy.

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While not as impacting as the free release of MW4, the AT1 update "Dasher" (version released on MTX features improvements and bugfixes mostly focused on what our players have suggested and encountered, respectively:

- Mechlab changes: added the advanced criticals section for those items that could not get added automatically to certain mech parts.
- Animation blending, mostly visible while the mech walks-runs.
- Minimal graphics settings available for users with lower-end machines.
- Improved input settings: multiple joystick support.
- Changes on the interface design: the menus now use pixel-relative scales according to how big your screen is, much like the way websites work.
- New shadows rendering method (hopefully, faster)
- New mechs: Firemoth and Shadowcat.
- Instant action menu now autofills your newly created starmates with random mechs in order to make the "action" more "instant".
- New keymapping commands have been added to the game but wont appear if you keep your old input.at1 file; in order to restore the default keyboard and joystick input and thus gain access to the new keystrokes (such as radar display mode) delete input.at1 file on your game directory after patch installation and let AT1 restore it on the next launch.
- Keyboard torso twist feature.
- AT1 torso twist style (torso twists when mouse reaches near the edge of the screen) and ability to change between this and the old one.
- HUD color customization: no more forced green and yellow.
- "God rays" effect.
- New cockpit artwork for a few mechs other than the MadDog. We will be adding the rest in as updates come.
- Legging; get ready to bite on dirt. Still experimental and only three mechs (MadDog, Timberwolf and Stormcrow) feature the animations for it. Other mechs will suffer from legging too, but will feature a normal and slower walk animation. This also means leg actuator damage does manifest in this version.

- Keymaps now properly use combined strokes without having conflics. EG you can use Ctrl+Z and Z alone for different functions.
- MASC allocation bug on the empty varians has been taken care of.
- AI behaviors corrected for their close range combat.
- Clan LRM missiles now have a reduced flying arch, the closer their target is.
- Critical hits now are based on 2D6 rolls (and damage amount on the part where the critical resides) to mimic the board game rules.
- No more "unassigned criticals" bug. See above in "Improvements" for details.
- Mechlab memory use has been decreased by unloading mech visuals not on display; this however causes a bit of a pause each time a mech is fetched from the mech list.

Installation Instructions:
You can choose to either download our update via MTX Client or Use the MTX Extract and Patch Utility. The MTX Client should always be simpler to obtain the latest update!

MTX Client Download
The MTX Client ensures all software released by is up to date.
Latest Download (v. Click Here

MTX Extract and Patch Utility
MTX File Extract and Patch Utility. Provides an easy patching mechanism.
Latest Download (v. Click Here

Patches Download Via Torrent Client
You may download all the of the following patches via your favorite torrent client (such as utorrent). Please continue seeding these files when not playing your game.

Installing - Date May 16th, 2010
These files will update any existing installation of AT1. Select the file that will update your current version, or use the FULL Install (version After downloading the .mtx files from these torrents, you can use the MTX Extract and Patch Utility to create the AT1:BT game installation.

AT1:BT MTX FULL Install (version
AT1:BT Patch (version to
AT1:BT Patch (version to
AT1:BT Patch (version to

AT1:BT 2.3.0 Released

AT1:BT 2.3.0 Released

News 9 comments

Celebrating our 10 year anniversary is pleased to announce the immediate community release of AssaultTech1: BattleTech version 2.3.0.

Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

News 12 comments

Today a mysterious splash page appeared on's homepage. We can not comment as to the exact nature of this splash page at MekTek but we can only...

Announcing Spring Invasion Event 2009!

Announcing Spring Invasion Event 2009!


If you have money to spend or will be in the area and are interested in meeting some the minds behind Mechwarrior then please find yourself to the Invasion...

Beta testers wanted

Beta testers wanted


MekTek is seeking applications of people interested in joining our beta testing program for Assault Tech1: BattleTech.

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Assault Tech 1: Battletech 2.3.2 Beta Update

Assault Tech 1: Battletech 2.3.2 Beta Update


Been a while, you might say? With the successful release of Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries 3.1 and the few screws Vam had to adjust on MTX to deliver such...

AT1:BT 2.3.0 Released

AT1:BT 2.3.0 Released

Full Version 9 comments

Celebrating our 10 year anniversary (and BattleTech's 25th anniversary) is pleased to announce the immediate community release of AssaultTech1...

Assault Tech 1: Battletech  tech demo v2.2.3

Assault Tech 1: Battletech tech demo v2.2.3

Demo 7 comments

A Mechwarrior 2 community remake. Features Battletech's Refusal War, Ghost Bear's Legacy and the earlier Clan invasion (Mercenaries). Please notice that...

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szboudreau01 - - 697 comments

The death of this game is not because MekTek wanted to drop it (hell I think they'd want to be working on it to this moment), but actually because of the fact that... *sigh* PGI, the current copyright holders of Mechwarrior decided they hated MT, and C&D'd MT to drop anything MW. Now, they've gone to a new IP: Heavy Gear.

Unfortunately, very recently, they've done something.. odd. They shut down their forums, because, god knows why.
Good god, I don't think they've even gotten new ones up yet, VERY depressingly.

On the plus side.. they have Heavy Gear Assault, which, from what I've seen, is Mechwarrior all over again. Specifically, what happens when MW3 goes faster and goes to Solaris 7. It looks.. awesome. And has big shooty robots that we all love.

If PGI dies out (which is virtually inevitable at this rate), then, expect MT to race to the rights again, and re-welcome their fans.

If you NEEEEEED a Mechwarrior, then, get Crysis wars, figure out how to make it not need gamespy, and get Mechwarrior Living Legends. It's an online MW that was also C&D'd, but still has a community that really fights sometimes.

Oh, how I remember mucking about in that.. I need to get Wars again soon.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
Cyberias - - 404 comments

what about MW4 it's completely free with ton and ton of content

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
JvdB01 - - 36 comments

now how am i supposed to start this???

EDIT: oh, just found out i guess, sorry.

EDIT2: weird, the link doesn't work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mot_monkey - - 2 comments

So has this been abandoned in favor of the kickstarter project?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
AiCforLife27 - - 55 comments

Anyone know how to play this mod offline? I really want to try it out. Been a huge MW2 fan ever since I was young.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RobotJoe - - 46 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Hey-Pi-Ron - - 470 comments

And it's dead.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ildamos - - 226 comments

A pity. It could've been several kinds of awesome.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SapphireWolf - - 8 comments

Yyyyyep. :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dovlex - - 26 comments

Im new to this stuff and i dont get it...what is Assault Tech 1: Battletech? Is it stand alone game or mod for Mw4M.?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
mechwarrior24 - - 814 comments

This is a standalone game, and from what I understand, a remake of Mechwarrior 2.

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