It's the apocalypse. The Damned have been damned and the Saved have been saved. But someone forgot about the cats! As the water levels rise time is running out for our furry feline friends. Will you be able to save them all?

You are armed with a powerful hookshot, and some pretty awesome double jumps.

If you want to challenge yourself press enter while playing to enter editor mode!

Apocalypse Meow was written for the 2020 Spring Lisp Game Jam.

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Jumping Through Level One

Its been quite a while since I wrote Apocalypse Meow. Climbing back into the code base to adapt it for the web was a real treat.

This will likely be my final web edition for an old game. Welcome Home SunSun and Fallen need quite a bit of work to bring them to a state where I’d be happy with them.

As usual my web target was possible due to davidobot’s love.js port

Apocalypse Meow is availale at

Changelog for Apocalypse Meow (Web Edition)

  • Implemented HTML5 target
  • Jumping now uses Verlet integration rather than Euler integration. It should be less glitchy on slower computers and the web
  • Added rain particles, sfx and lightning effects
  • Background colour was darkened for greater contrast
  • Cleaned up tile sprites for a monochromatic effect

Know Issues

  • Rain does not work in Full Screen mode
  • The garbage collection on web is quite slow (can lead to hitching)
  • In editor mode if you move the player the game will crash
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Apocalypse Meow Windows, Mac, Linux, Web game

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