In this magic school simulator game you will need to lead your building to success, from elementary school to highschool. Overcome the problems magical kids can bring, keeping their grades up and mostly, conquering the events that might arise.

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Structure of the school and classes

It's been a long time since we talked about the actual design of the game.

In this vertical slice we will onyl have Middle school, and this will imply 4 classes for the students.


All of the mandatory classes will come unlocked when you start the game, and it's compulsory that they will have all of them 2x a week. Each of the 4 categories have the mandatory and 3 activities. These activities will be unlocked through the tech tree, aswell as the itens needed to teach each of them. The objective of each activity is to improve both the happiness and grades of the students, since all of them will have classes they like/are good at at, and vice-versa. After the activities are unlocked it doesn't matter how many times you teach each, what matters is that the category "Alchemy, Spells, Creatures and Plants" repeats itself 2 times a week.

Some of this activities will be more valuable, and the way you teach them varies.

There are 2 main categories, teorethical and practical classes. Theoretical classes require new itens to be teached, and practical classes need a whole new room to be teached in. All the mandatory classes except spells (which needs a gym) are free from specific and can be all teached in the same room if the player wants to.

Theoretical class activities furnitures

Now we will show some of the furnitures needed for each theoretical activity needs.

  • Spiritualism


  • Astrology


  • Exorcism


  • Ghosts and Spirits

ghost and spirits

Only one of these itens is needed in a regular classroom to be able to perform the activity in said room.

Practical class activities furnitures

For the practical activities a whole new room is needed, either becauseof compulsory walls and flooring or furniture.

  • Potions -> A new room with no compulsory walls/room but mandatory desks.


  • Medicine -> A new room with no compulsory walls/room but mandatory desks.


  • Animal Taming -> Needs an animal pen outside the school.

animal pen


Casting is the only mandatory class that requires a different room to be teached in, and a different item that works as a desk, which is a gymnasium, that also has mandatory walls and flooring. On the other hand, all Spells activities (except exorcism) are teached in the gym.

  • Casting, psychic powers and combat-> Gym with combat dummies.

combat 1

  • Transmutation -> Gym with training desks.

transmutations 2


The green house is needed for Plant Practice and Plant control, and it comes with mandatory walls and flooring, aswell as furniture, which are vases and a good variety of plants. The big plants are used for Plant Control and the small ones for plant practice.


That's all for today! Next devlog will be more walls, floors and furniture!

See you next post!

 Devlog #6 - Students And Teachers!

Devlog #6 - Students And Teachers!

News 2 comments

Been 2 months since our last update, so now we bring the final students, and teachers visual to be in game!

Devlog #5 - Students assets!

Devlog #5 - Students assets!


Hello everyone, check out our students hairs and bodies!

Devlog #4 - More concepts and building system!

Devlog #4 - More concepts and building system!


Hello everyone! This week we bring the building system and some more concepts - teacher sna dcreatures!

Devlog #3 - Mechanics and Final art reveal!

Devlog #3 - Mechanics and Final art reveal!


Hello everybody! Discover the first assets and mechanics we are preparing for the pre-alpha build now!

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