Working on a new game called Ancient Sky, it will be an RPG with flyable airships and also ground based real time combat. Inspired by games like Skies of Arcadia and Gauntlet, Diablo and others. Just in very early production.

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Working on distance field shadows, and airship vapor trails in this screenshot


Also working on the HUD, still a lot of work to do on it. And some early character and clothing models.

I'll be posting more updates soon!

Also twitter is

Mooring Towers

Mooring Towers


Showing the mooring towers in the game, how to unlock them and their purpose.

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RT @AmigoP247: Some fanart of a character from Ancient Sky: an indie game that my friend @timi707 is working on! ^-^

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improved melee combat with the new animations in the alleys of Caber 😌 #gamedev #indiedev #UnrealEngine #indiegame

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I think my setup has come a long way (all running off my laptop lol) #gamedev #gaming #Computing

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