• An Adaptive Turn-Based RPG, and an easy-to-use Combat System.
  • A Story-Driven Adventure through the eyes of the 5 Members of your Party.
  • Explore villages, cities, landscapes, ancient ruins, and dungeons within the three countries you will visit.
  • An easy-to-use Camp Menu and Crafting System with equipment, party, fast travel, and skills management.
  • Special Skills for each Player Class, unlocked either by solving mysteries, finding new Anima Stones, or just Leveling Up.
  • Merchants, plant harvesting, and Alchemy Craft are made simple to help you easily acquire usability drinks during or out of battle.
  • In your free time you can solve riddles, fight optional bosses, read books, interact with the environment using the inspection points or just talk to people.
  • Fight, Explore and Walk the path of heroes in the world of the Alder Forge.

The Alder Forge story is set in the western part of the Ertheryan continent. The game will take you during its four chapters to the Duchy of Elysia, the Kingdom of Royne, the Mighty Kingdom of Orvys, and the Atlas Court (The seat of your employer). In your adventures, you are going to face a dark plot that will try to engulf the continent and break the three centuries lasting peace. Meanwhile, you will discover that nothing is ever simpler than that while facing the complexity of human behavior and the lines that draw good and evil in each character you encounter throughout your journey, secret organizations, political entities, and other groups, each has their agendas and plots. Meanwhile, the five protagonists will be at the center of those events.

  • Adriel: Party Leader, known by his intelligence, pragmatism, and powers, Age:21
  • Mirabelle: Anima Caster, funny with a massive appetite, but serious when things get heated, Age:13
  • Cassandra: Heavy Arms, and the strongest defense of the team, Age:21
  • Leo: Archer and a disciple of the legendary Dead Eye, fun and quick to spot threats, Age:22
  • Fiona: An Elysian Knight, serious and unforgiving, she's equal if not stronger than Adriel, Age:21

The Alder Forge environment was carefully designed to convey the world you will engage and invest your time in, but it is also full of enigma, hidden secrets, and backstories, each element placed, sculpted, and handcrafted is there for a reason, The Fate of Ertherya is now in Your Hands.

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When the game was announced in March 2021, I promised four chapters and three realms to explore, today I'm glad that I could honor that promise, the Final Chapter is available now alongside the transition to the Final Early Access Phase.

Members of the Alder Forge Community, We Are Hereby and Officially at the Start of the Final Early Access Phase and the Final Stretch to Launch.

Update Manifest:

  • The Final chapter is completed and unlocked, members of the Alder Forge Community who finished Chapter 3 (They're in Story Point 3.F) can progress further in the story until the end of the game.
  • Status ailments, buffs, and debuffs tracking icons are added in combat to the stat details UI.

  • A Freebie Gift DLC folder is added to where you installed the game and includes the following:
    1. PDF file: The detailed full continent map.
    2. PDF file: Val Fiery Netherwave Sangréal Bloodline.
    3. PDF file: De Roy Netherwave Sangréal Bloodline.
    4. PDF file: Sieg Vulpes Netherwave Sangréal Bloodline.
    5. 4K Artworks folder for the majority of the main characters appearing in this game.
  • Removed the combination to execute the Anima Latent Skill and replaced it with one button that you can freely set in the Main/Pause menu key binding section. (It is recommended for members of the Alder Forge Community who modified their key bindings to check both Keyboard/Combat and Controller/Combat Tabs before resuming their adventure.)
  • A full VFX and SFX pass is done for all the party members and guests as well.
  • A full VFX and SFX pass is done for the mobs alongside a few bosses.
  • NPC's Dialogue boxes and Optional Conversation Events' A or Enter buttons will fill the dialogue first then skip afterward. (If it is not filled already). The Text speed controls were added as well during Phase 3.
  • The Soundtrack from the start of the Prolepsis has changed from the "Fourth Squadron - Disc 1" to "Battle of Voxenhold - Disc 3".
  • Multiple Conversation sub-events were added to the Pax Residence during the Purple Night in the Final Chapter.
  • The Anima Latent Progress Bar is redesigned.
  • VFX and SFX pass for the characters' animations during exploration.
  • Some of the skills' SFX and VFX have been reworked.
  • UI SFX and VFX during combat are updated.

Video Subject: Finale Gameplay Trailer

6 Knights Poster

Screeshot 46

Roadmap To Launch

During the Final Stretch to Launch, I will go back to the start of the game for a quick final quality pass starting with the Prolepsis and Chapter 1 and moving forward until the Final Chapter.
The Launch Date and the moment we will leave Early Access will be shared with the Alder Forge Community a week before launch.

Kind Regards,

Zine. E. Falouti

Final Chapter Release Date

Final Chapter Release Date


Release date and trailers for the Alder Forge Final Chapter, titled: Knights of the Alder Forge.

Early Access, Ends Now!

Early Access, Ends Now!


Game Launch! After 3 years and 2 months in development and 1 year and 8 months in Early Access The Alder Forge has finally transitioned to full launch.

Alder Forge - Chapter 4 State of Progress

Alder Forge - Chapter 4 State of Progress


Following the tradition that we started since the beginning of early access phase 1, today I'm sharing with you the State of Development and the progress...

2023 Indie Year In Review - Quarter 3

2023 Indie Year In Review - Quarter 3

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Check out our breakdown of the top indie dev headlines from July to September 2023!


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Thank you.

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