Aces over Europe is a self-installing mod from European Air War and focuses on the air war over the period of time from 1943 to 1945. There will be the possibility to fly on the most famous WWII fighters and in particular on famous planes piloted by aces with the insignia of the era. ----- Notes on European Air War: European Air War (EAW) was released on October 31, 1998 published by Hasbro, under the developers name, MicroProse. It was a marvel, with 20 Flyable planes and a possible 256 planes in the air at one time, out beating any other WWII Combat Sims of the time and afterwards. At twelve months old it was considered a classic but still full price on the store shelves. Given that it's had a few budget re-release's; on July 24, 2000 by Hasbro “Classic Series” and on June 8, 2001 by Infogrames, then again in 2002 by Atari. It's a must have if you're even vaguely interested in WWII combat flight simulators, or think you might like to try

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Aces over Europe


intro eaw

You have chosen to use the 1.28C version of the game because it allows the animations in the Hangar as the original game, and in addition in this version have been included excellent updates. Here are some EAW 1.28C features (built by the EAW community)


FLYING ONLINE: New hosting options and additional aircraft for up to 16 players. A ‘quick flight’ routine speeds gameplay.

NEW THROTTLE CONTROLS: Engine starts now require throttle management for more realistic flying. No gas, no start. Too much throttle and an explosive “wet start” of flame appears. Engine may be damaged by repeated wet starts or jamming the throttle forward too fast on a cold engine.

BUILT-IN GRAPHICS SPEED CHECKER: Use CTRL+G. An information screen appears upper right with Frames-Per-Second displayed, along with other aircraft info.

SPECIAL NAMES FOR EXES: You may copy the eaw.exe and rename the file to your unique preference or use one with a different name, such as EAW 1_28c.exe, Eaw-SPAW.exe, Iraq.exe, etc. It works in most Windows operating systems, but for online flying it must be named "eaw.exe". In Aces over Europe there are two exe files: aoe.exe (offline flight) and eaw.exe (multiplayer flight on GameRanger)

AUTO COMBAT: Default is ON. Change to “0” ( zero) to turn OFF. This allows you to fly on Autopilot and target enemy aircraft or other objects. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) will then fly your aircraft and pursue and shoot. Useful for both new and experienced pilots to watch an “expert” fight and observe and learn dogfight tactics. Autopilot and AutoClimb are already part of the 1.28 series.

WAR SHIPS, AND SEA CONVOY INTERDICTION TARGETS: A new type of convoy has been added for interdiction missions. Convoys composed mainly of warships can be selected for attack. If you choose either of the two "ship convoys" as target for an interdict mission, only targets that have a "ship convoy" are displayed on the preflight map.

2ND SUPERCHARGER STAGE: A 2nd supercharger stage added for piston engines with high altitude capabilities.

MORE ACTION CODES: A number of new ones have been added. Most are codes for additional damage types.

AIRCRAFT FORMATIONS: Every nation can have its own formation type. These are inside a “formations.dat” file in the main EAW directory.

BOMBER MISSIONS: The campaign routines have been adjusted to make "bomber campaigns" better, with more dependable escorts.

BURN DAMAGE: Multi- engined planes may lose a wing when a damaged engine burns too long. Tail gunners and AAA (ground fire) will not stop shooting when a plane engine just smokes.

FRONT LINES: Front Lines will be displayed on the single mission map by a red line.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (IA): AI´s will avoid hills rather well now. They cannot be led to crash into a mountainside so easily anymore.


It is a self-installing mod of EAW and is focused in the historical period 1943 - 1945 of the second world war. It was decided to use the famous 1943 - 1945 Emil Campaign of 2003 by inserting a new aircraft, the Lancaster MkIII. Airplanes have been updated to create "multiskin" squadrons and some errors have been corrected (for example ...the hangars).

The Emil campaign was for version 1.2 of the game, now it works with version 1.28 C of the game. To realize this "mod" the planes of 1940 were eliminated and they were replaced by the planes of the period 1943 - 1945 (as had done Emil). See the notes of the Emil Campaign.

Here are the planes you will find in the game (new planes in bold)

planes in game


Almost all the airplanes have personalized signs (multiskin squadrons), so in flight you will notice aircraft with different numbers and often also with different camouflage (skin). In the game you will also find many aircraft of famous axes of the era. As an example below is the Spitfire XIVe. Each plane has its number.

Multiskin planes

This campaign is a complete remake of the original 1943-1945 EAW campaigns.

News Features:

  1. More variation in missions: al types of missions (escort/sweep/bomb/intercept/interdict) known to EAW will be assigned to the appropriate units both on the Allied as on the German side.
  2. Missions at dawn and dusk: the original EAW campaigns only knew missions during the day. Now you will be able to enjoy the nice changing colors and light effects of sunrise and sunset.
  3. New aircraft : I used the Battle of Britain aircraft slots to introduce three German fighters : FW 190A4(less heavily armed, but more agile version of the FW 190A8), Bf 109G6/U4 (30 mm cannon armed Bf 109G6) and Bf 109G14 (improved Bf 109G6 from summer 1944), two new RAF fighters: Mustang III (P-51B) and Spitfire XVI (Spitfire IX with .50 instead of .303 guns), and two RAF bombers: Mitchell II (B-25H) and Boston III (A-20C).. In Aces over Europe it is replaced by the Lancaster MkIII. Now the Britsh have their own bombers to escort.
  4. A tactical air war in the 1944 campaign, ofcourse within the limits allowed by the EAW campaign engine. The heavy 4-engined bombers (B-17 and B-24) disappear in the summer of 1944 so that only the medium (B-25 Mitchell and B-26) and light (A-20 Boston) Allied bombers remain In Aces over Europe it is replaced by the Lancaster MkIII.
  5. Allied tactical air forces, next to the strategic 8th Air Force : USAAF 9th Air Force and the 2nd Tactical 1943-1945 Air Force. Both tactical air force units will move to mainland airfields from the summer of 1944 and should follow the moving frontline. The 8th Air Force units remain in the United Kingdom. The Luftwaffe units retreat, but stay close to the advancing frontline.
  6. Foreign RAF squadrons : the British RAF squadrons are also available, but now you can also fly in a Polish, Czech, Dutch, Norwegian, French or Belgian squadrons. Specific pilot names and speech packs are not included in this campaign, but are available on other EAW sites.
  7. Flight models: Aces over Europe as flight models uses the Realism Patch Emil43-45_rp2.8V01 of 2008, flight and damage models made by Knegel. Together with smaller "hitbubbles" (adapted by Knegel), they offer increased fuel consumption and damage to the correct weapons, as well as a more realistic flight experience.

1943 LW

1943 RAF

1943 USAAF

1944 LW RAF

1944 USAAF


  • Revisited the pilot map
  • New "main screen"
  • New "configure game screen"
  • New "single mission screen" (RAF, Luftwaffe, USAAF)
  • New hangar for the Mustang III
  • Fixed some mistakes in the selection of hangars
  • Flight models of the Realism Patch Emil43-45_rp2.8V0, by Knegel
  • New Lancaster MkIII aircraft with the help of VonBeerhofen.
  • More intense explosions by Max188 and David 'Skylark' Phillips.


These are the official system requirements to correctly execute E.A.W. and consequently A.o.E.


  • Windows 95/98/ME
  • DirectX version 6.0 or above
  • Pentium 166 (without Hardware Accelerated 3D Video Card)
  • Pentium 133 (with Hardware Accelerated 3D Video Card)
  • 32MB System RAM
  • Super VGA Graphics (640 x 480 x 256 colors)
  • DirectSound compatible Sound card
  • Hard drive (5MB free + 45MB swap file)
  • Uses 2MB(compact install) to 55MB+(typical install) of HD space
  • Mouse
  • 4x CD-ROM drive to read the CD during in game activity


  • Windows 95/98/ME
  • DirectX version 6.0 or above
  • Pentium II 200+ (Pentium II 233-400)
  • 64MB System RAM
  • Hardware Accelerated 3D Video Card (Table Fog Support) (DirectX 6 or 3DFX)
  • DirectDraw Support (256 colored 8 bit Front-end Menu Screens)
  • DirectPlay for Multiplayer (DirectPlay6 (8 works as well)); Modem, Direct Connection, Internet (2-8players)
  • Hard drive (200MB free)
  • Uses 552MB of HD space (full install)
  • Joystick with 8 or more buttons with POV Hat, Throttle and Rudder Twist Handle, all built in or chain-linked.(Most types that Windows Recognizes)
  • 3 Button Mouse with Wheel.
  • 8x CD-ROM drive to read the CD during in game activity. (on less than a full install)


The Aces over Europe mod has been tested on a modern machine. The game was tested at 90% with Win 7. The PC specifications used for the test are:

  • Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
  • Intel ® Core ™ I5-6500 CPU @ 3.20 Ghz
  • NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
  • 16 Gb RAM
  • CHProduct F-16 Combatstick, prothrottle, and chpedals or pro pedals. (all USB).
  • Monitor EIZO S1932, Graphic resolution 1024x768 and 1280x1024


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Aces over Europe

Aces over Europe

Full Version

Aces over Europe is here. You can download it. Aces over Europe is a self-installing mod from European Air War and focuses on the air war over the period...


yes this is a standalone mod. Cooming soon an article.


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I take this wont be a standalone mod?

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