"A 'Hunter, Gatherer, Whatever' Story"

A game for the Ludum Dare 28 (14 - 16 dec 2013)
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This game is basically a dogfight. You have the weapon (a boomerang at this moment, the idea is to have others) and the bulls have both the meat and the strenght. It was developed in about 12 - 16 hours. I didn't have much free time at this weekend, so it's a shame.

The one thing that drew my interest when I was wondering about the game was exactly the theme. The whole "You Only Got One" is interesting because in this game, part of the time you have the power, part of it you don't. If you play it for some time you'll notice the bulls become kinda hostile when you're unarmed. Yeah, they can notice you're vulnerable without the weapon in your hand.

This makes you think again before throwing it. BUT the reward by killing the bulls is not only the points or the next level you can achieve by killing them. If you get hurt your only survival is tied to your strategy. I made to level 5, with about 25 meat. Can you beat it?

Fernando 'Fogs' Fogaça

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Some feedback and experience while playing made me update the game with the following. Tell me what you think!


Version 1.1 changelog
- The map is now 3x bigger
- Bulls spawn interval is a bit higher, getting shorter with level progression
- The shaman now says "But you only get one weapon!" so it's clearer.
- A waypoint is shown when the weapon is offscreen.
- More random bushes!
- Added random rocks so you'll bet irritated with your weapon being stuck (c'mon, the map is bigger now!)
- Added a little nice effect when the bulls magically turn into a beef (die).
Download it here!


Version 1.0 released!

Version 1.0 released!


Here's the first version, made for the 28th Ludum Dare! Let me know what you think about it, I might improve this game if folks are interested.

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"A 'Hunter, Gatherer, Whatever' Story" updated to

"A 'Hunter, Gatherer, Whatever' Story" updated to

Full Version

Some feedback and experience while playing made me update the game with some improvements (see details). Tell me what you think!

1.0 LD 28 Version!

1.0 LD 28 Version!

Full Version

The 1.0 version (Ludum Dare submission) is released! Check it out and tell me what you think about it!

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