EECS 494 group project from ToastyLion Studio. This is a deck-building 2D shooter game where players use their books and spells to defeat the evil wizard.

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Gold Release Note


Windows and Mac Builds

What we changed:

  • Moved the deck UI to the center of the screen for easier control over spellcasting
  • Added a gate to the tutorial which promotes the use of combinational effects
  • Added particle effects to enemies when they are hit with a corrosion spell
  • Added more interesting level aesthetics
  • Adjusted levels that were too hard or too easy
  • Added animations to the wizard boss
  • Replaced old text with hand-drawn assets
  • Updated background music to the latest versions
  • Made the transition to the death screen instantaneous and less awkward
  • Added sounds everywhere that needed it
  • Created a final marketing video and an page for our game

Why we made these changes:

The feedback we received last week was extremely positive, so this week our focus was centered on polishing up our game and creating good marketing materials. To do this, we made many improvements to our game assets like level design, level aesthetic, music, and sound. We also spent a good deal of time fixing any bugs we still had. All of these changes were made in an effort to ensure players have a cohesive, smooth, and fun gameplay experience. Also, we really wanted our game to look and sound great so that it feels great to play.

What’s Next:

  • Add more levels, enemies, and bosses to increase the game’s overall playtime
  • Add new books and effects to improve the possibilities of effect chaining
  • Add new level layouts to distinguish different sections of the game
  • Find a publisher to help with further development and marketing



Beta Release Note

Beta Release Note


This is the beta release note of A Grimoire's Tale. In this release, we modified our attack system, added smooth level transitions, added more music and...

Alpha Release Note

Alpha Release Note


This is the alpha release note of A Grimoire's Tale. In this release, we finished all features including attack systems, enemies and UI.

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