The whole game revolves around the concept of time manipulation. The main mechanism for solving the puzzles and levels will be a time controlling "sphere". You will be able to create a sphere, resize it and rotate at your will, and everything inside it will undergo time warp. The time manipulation goes beyond the sphere, and certain characteristics of the game will vary depending on the hour you play the game. This mechanism is very rich and still somewhat abstract, which leaves a lot of room for creativity in each level design. 42LY is a 2D side-scroller, with different depth levels. What excites us is to create an environment where nature and other objects can grow or deteriorate organically when taken back and forth through time.

We decided on a 2D game style, as you can see in the pictures we have included (more to come...). We love 2D games and feel there's certain artistry to them that we would like to portray in 42LY. As you can appreciate in the concept art we have included here, the pictures are filled with geometric objects, using triangles as a structural element.

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42 Light Years is at IndieGoGo right now. We are posting new perks and video game information in the IndieGoGo page, so go check it out. Some of the goodies:

  • Get a special backer edition of the game
  • 42 Light Year comic book perk, created by our awesome designers!
  • Help design an alien species Perk!
  • Future sneak peaks and game advances

Check out our IndieGoGo campaign!

We've been working hard in the campaign page, and we hope you like it. Leave your comments and feedback, so we can improve the game!

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