3..2..1..Grenades is a local multiplayer frag fest. Grab up to 3 of your friends and blast them away.


Good old deathmatch. First to a set number of kills wins.

Fall Ball

Stay on top of the blocks. While the grenades might not hurt you, they will destroy your footing, and falling to your death isn't the best way to win the game...


Tennis... with Grenades...


- A Single Player mode is something I want to add for people that don't have anyone to play with.

- This means Bots/ Challenges/ etc

- Game Play Variants are on the way

- More Levels

- More Grenade types


So, I wanted to point out that the game is still being worked on and as such there are a few features that aren't in the Greenlight trailer. I'd really love to get the community involved in the roadmap of the game, so If you have any ideas post them in the forum :D. I plan on doing up a public facing trello board so people can see what's being worked on and such.

You can follow me here savethejets

A Single Player Mode

I realize that sometimes getting everyone together to play video games can be a lot of work. Or maybe your other friends don't play games. Which is why I think having something there that you can play by yourself is important. I haven't quite settled on what this will be so I'd really love your input if you're thinking that you'll skip this game because it doesn't have single player.

The Level Editor

The editor is still in alpha, so there's a lot of work that still needs to be done. But I'm aiming for something that is easy to use for beginners, with perhaps also having a way for more skilled people to make more complex architecture.


I for one welcome our new robot masters.


You will be able to tweak things like grenade weapon types, powerups, gravity and things like that to your heart's content.

More Levels

Want to play tennis on the side of a mountain? Well I'm adding more levels as fast as I can :D

More Grenade Types

How about Ice Grenades that freeze you in place for a few seconds? The Sheep Grenade?

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3..2..1..Grenades! is out now on Steam Greenlight! But if you haven't heard about the game I'm here to let you know a little more about it.

Today I'll go into some of the game types that are available.


This mode is a one hit kills free for all. Be the first to the points limit to win.


Here your grenades don't hurt the other players. But they do blow up the floor. Which means that you'll fall to your death if you're not careful. Be the last player alive with lives remaining to win this match.


Tennis. This mode you have a racquet and you have to hit the grenades that are on your side over the net before they blow up in your face. Any grenades that blow up on the other side recharge your ammo pile and let you serve more heat!

Thanks for checking 3..2..1..Grenades! out. If you have a second please vote on Steam Greenlight!

3..2..1..Grenades is on Steam Greenlight!

3..2..1..Grenades is on Steam Greenlight!


3..2..1..Grenades just released on steam greenlight!

Blood...Dracula would be proud of...

Blood...Dracula would be proud of...


Something I've been working on: Added Blood to the game!

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