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Feb 27 2014 Anchor

Hey Guys, I'm currently working on this crafting game that takes place in space. It lets you build giant robots and spaceships out of blocks, explore the galaxy in them, and battle with your friends. It's also got lots of rpg element with the ability to research new tech for your ship and genetically engineer aliens. My friends and me are pretty excited about the concept, but the online world as a whole has ignored the idea. I spent 4 months making a demo/trailer for the game mostly on my own and would really like to raise enough money so I can finish it for you guys. Anyway at this point I'm at a loss as to what to do, promotion wise and would really appreciate feedback on the idea.

Here's the trailer

Feb 27 2014 Anchor

I think the problem of it was that a lot of the trailer/demo looked pre-rendered and didn't represent gameplay, Or atleast looked like it wasn't gameplay. I'd say from your point of view you'd benefit more from having a pure gameplay oriented trailer showing of the mechanics and so forth, than having a pre-rendered trailer.,

I had never heard of this project before and I'm wondering if it's because you haven't put it forward a lot or at all. A development diary, content update things and so forth help a lot on that part. Look around on other games' news here and what they're doing.

I can't give you any feedback either because I don't think I've seen enough of the game to provide an accurate opinion of it.

Feb 28 2014 Anchor

I think, as a teaser, what you have now is pretty good. Your best bet now is, like Naqser said, development diaries and the occasional gameplay video.


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Feb 28 2014 Anchor

How will your game be different from Minecraft?


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Mar 2 2014 Anchor

This looks quite amazing..Good job!

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