I'm a freshman student at the Art Institutes and I'm enrolled in the game art and design program.

I specialize in science-fiction artwork, more specifically, vehicles (mostly spacecraft right now) at the moment.

I plan to eventually create and release a space opera mmog set in a universe of my own creation. I'll be posting art related to that project to my personal gallery every once in a while.

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Wow, a year since my last entry...

So, what's been going on in that year? Honestly, not as much as I would have preferred. It's very hard to design systems when you have no way to test and modify them, something I've had to learn the hard way. There has, however been some progress.

This progress has almost been entirely on the, rather narrow, subject of ships, their modularity, and the equipment that can be mounted on them. I also have (very) vague ideas of how the crafting, mining, and license system should work.

However, due to the difficulty (and my own lack of experience), I'm setting Project Nova, as it's now called, aside for the time being until I have more experience with game design and, more importantly, the cash with which to pay a programmer.

So that leaves the question of what do I do now?

I've decided to leave the digital realm entirely for the moment and create a tabletop miniatures game. This is for a couple reasons:

1 - There's no coding; the work consists entirely of writing, thinking, and some art. I can work on this entirely solo.

2 - It's easier and simpler to test and modify gameplay systems.

In addition to the switch in medium, there has been a LARGE reduction in ambition. Project Sun is designed to be played with 1 d6 dice and revolve around simple systems. As of the time of writing this, I'm probably about 35% to 40% done with the preliminary draft of the basic rules. After that comes play testing and iteration.

I'm not quite ready to share more than that, however.


Good day, Ambassador,
thanks a lot for watching Stars of Icarus. It's interesting that you mentioned ship-modularity and mounted turrets and equipment in your post, since it's on of the main features of our game. Stay tuned if you're interested.
Let us know if you have any questions or feedback about the game.

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Great post, thank you.

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TerranAmbassador Creator

The banner that's in my signature now? Yeah, there's a reason for that. What that is will be revealed in due time.

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