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Jan 13 2013 Anchor

i installed the game, downloaded the patches 1 and 2, installed the circle of eight modpack and now i have some problems.

everytime i try to install the patch #1 a popup window appears that says that the patch could not be found so i can not install it.

i see...strings when i want to start a new game. these strings connect to anything like the stats. also, the boxes where i can put thinks (the stat-points or the spells) in have disappeared. i did not have that problem when i played the game without the patches and without the modpack.

the game crashes everytime i want to end it so i have to use the windows button on the keybord so i can close the program.

i can not recruit rufus or burne. i found the temple of elemental evil and i can not recruit both of them, not even with my level ten rogue who has a 18 in intelligence.

i installed the modpack and should be able to continue playing after i have beat zuggtmoy. i defeated her the easy way and guess what? the game ended......also, i am at the temple of elemental evil and there should be new quests but there are not any......i am glad that this modpack was free...

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Feb 2 2013 Anchor

Le bump as requested.


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Mar 14 2013 Anchor


thanks for the many help, now i can enjoy the new quests!

not all at once, it is not like i wanted to complete the new quests or so...

end of sarcasm

Mar 14 2013 Anchor

So you dig up your old disappointment that this admittedly small community does not house anyone at hand to help with troubleshooting an old lackluster CRPG by either expertise or time and regurgitate your bile here. Classy, sure made me regret never having seen this topic - not that I'd have ever touched the game or interested in devoting time to troubleshoot your woes.

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Mar 23 2013 Anchor

well, i liked to play that game and enjoyed the many different endings of it. i was excitted when i saw/read that there was an add-on with new quests, so i wanted to play it. i was foolish to think that the forum from the site where i downloaded the add-on would/could help me in case i have a i made this thread in hope somebody could/would help me but nooo...

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