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Hendrix Tea maker extrodinaire
May 12 2009 Anchor

Hi guys,
for those of you who dont know me, I am Hendrix and i am the story writer and lead Developer for 1985 mod.
Ive been thinking the past few weeks about also doing an RTS, but based in the same universe, but on either SAGE or the RNA (RA3). These are preliminary ideas, and sorry for the length of the post, but tell me what you think.

Basically the mod will be set in a small post nuclear urban district. At this time you can only play as one side. The enemy is a group of rebels known as the Union, they are armed with Soviet made weaponry, and are well organised and trained. They are dressed like civilians and thus hard to spot (think of the Vietcong meets the IRA).

Anyway, a few elements ive been thinking of for the mod.

Base construction
There are three types of buildings, ones you physically construct, ones that you construct within civilian buildings, and ones that you can capture. After finding an open area in which to deploy you send in an Engineer squad who will set up your District HQ. This is effectively your main building, where you can call in reinforcements. From there you can construct a series of different buildings with your engineers, or send them into civilian buildings to 'commandeer' and convert into other such buildings.

Collecting Resources
There are Three types of Resource to be collected in the game.
Fuel: Is collected from old vehicles and Civilian/Military Petrol Stations. If you are below your minimal fuel Reserve, Motor vehicles will not function.
Food: Is collected from old warehouses, supermarket or on collective farms. Dropping below the minimum food level and you will start to see your units die. Civilians will fall first, and soldiers slightly later.
Ammunition: Is collected from ammo dumps or from dead units. It can also be ordered in exchange for food or fuel points from your district HQ. If you are collectively below your minimal ammunition supply level, armed units will not used their ranged weaponry, although melee weapons (Bayonets, batons etc) May still be used.

Training Units
Military units are not directly trained as in most RTS games. To obtain military units you order them through your District HQ, and they are delivered on the next incoming Landrover or Bedford truck. A Landrover or Bedford truck will arrive at your District HQ Once every 5 minutes regardless of whether you have ordered units and is un destroy-able. This is also the same for military vehicles.
Civilian attaches and workers are created by 'recruiting' them from the local area. Sending a unit close to a civilian and selecting 'recruit' will have the military unit swear in the civilian who can then be used by your forces. Civilian units can be used in one of three ways, as manual labour (collecting resources, basic repair etc), As Specialist units (See the section on Specialised Civilians) and as Auxiliaries (Armed but relatively untrained soldiers). Due to the nature of the game, it is highly recommended that you take care of your units. You are not expected to have more than 30 infantry units in the field, so look after them.

Engaging the enemy
Military units are the best bet to ensure swift destruction of an enemy force. Ranged units can engage the enemy from a distance, and limit their exposure to direct confrontation. Auxiliaries are armed, but poorly trained, using more ammunition to less effect. Certain Vehicles may also offer mounted weapon support. Civilians will not engage enemy forces. If you have a prison and an enemy unit is wounded more than 50% he may be captured by your force. Once deposited in the jail, it is your decision on what to do with him. You have three options. You can press gang him into your force (increases the morale of your force) Release him (no effect, although the enemy regain him as a soldier) or you can execute him (Increase your force morale, and reduce enemy morale). If you have a Gallows built, he will be executed there (this doubles the morale effect, and doesn't reduce your ammunition pool) If there is no gallows he will be shot by firing squad (reducing your ammo)

Fallout Danger
Only Infantry units have NBC (nuclear, biological and Chemical) Protection. Areas of increased radioactivity and Fallout may appear and drift during games. If one drifts over or close to your base it is wise to move all your units into troop lines as this offers the best protection.

Using Vehicles
To use a vehicle there are three things that must be done. The vehicle must be in good repair (over 50%). You must have enough fuel in your reserves, and a driver must be in the vehicle. If you disembark a driver from a vehicle, the vehicle will no longer move.

Building List:

Constructed by engineers:
District HQ - Orders units and Ammunition
Sangar - A Defendable bunker
Stores - Increases your fuel, ammo and food cap
Collective Farm - Produces food when worked on
Gallows - For the execution of enemies and civilians
Checkpoint - Automatically Recruits any civilians who move through it
MT Section - Orders vehicles
First aid tent - Can heal soldiers up to 50% health (stabalise)

Converted by engineers:
Training Room - Trains military and civilian units (ie drivers, etc)
Mess - Allows the use of Specialist Civilians
Armoury - Allows the training of Auxiliaries
Guard Room - Allows you to take prisoners
Troop Lines - Allows your troops somewhere to shelter during fallout drifts
Field Hospital - Fully heals troops

Civilian Buildings for capture:
Petrol Station - Collects fuel
Food Warehouse - Collects Food
Supermarket - Collect Food
District Town Hall - Reveals map

Military units:
Infantryman - Armed with SLR. Can fix Bayonets.
Signaler - Armed with SLR, can call in mortar/smoke and medical evac.
Engineer - Armed with SMG Constructs buildings, can defuse IEDs.
Medic - Armed with SMG, can stabalise wounded.
Officer - Armed with SLR, can rally troops and recruit specialists.
Gun Group - Two men armed with a GPMG, can deploy into a decent position
Driver - Sidearm only Can drive Military and abandoned Civilian vehicles.
Sniper - Armed with L42 can engage targets at much higher distance.
NBC Clean up team - armed with SMG, will decontaminate fallout and chemicals.
Plant - Dressed in civilian clothing and unarmed, good for recce.

Military Vehicles:
Landrover - can transport 7 men plus driver
Bedford - can transport 18 men plus driver
Humber Pig - Armoured transport, can transport 9 men plus driver
Landrover Ambulance - Can fully heal units inside
Seaking - Non Build-able, may bring in specialist troops

Civilian Specialists:
Policeman - Has the same firearms ability as an infantryman
Doctor - Can completely heal wounded
Mechanic - Can Repair Vehicles
Civil Engineer - Can repair and stabalise Damaged Buildings.

Civilian Vehicles:
Civilian Car - Can transport 5 infantry plus driver
Civilian minibus - Can transport 16 infantry plus driver

If I am to continue i would need a team. Im sure the lads from 1985 (source) will be helping out, but we dont have as much experience doing an RTS. As stated I would like to use SAGE or the RNA Engine.

I Can model, uvmap and skin 3d models, as well as write the story, create the artwork and Flash website/forums.

I will need, animators, other modelers, mappers and an extremely talented coder... but all of that is for the future, for now my good chums, tell me what you think of the idea.


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May 12 2009 Anchor

You could also try doing this on free(GPL) spring engine.

There is no C++ knowledge needed only LUA(which is IMO the easiest language made in Spring) to do game mechanics for a Spring game .

"xenoargh" made his game P.U.R.E. in 1.5 years if not mistaken which also brought out many new features for other Spring games.

A game like yours could also be made in less than a year on Spring.

Hendrix Tea maker extrodinaire
May 12 2009 Anchor

Hmm, thanks for the advice there mate, i'll look into it. :-)

Been tromping through various engines, and i still think that SAGE or RA3 are best for detail, look, graphics and adaptability, anyone else got any ideas?


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