Backstory for the Yiir, the youngest of the GC members.

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The Yiir are an extemely lucky people having evolved on a planet with few,
but very nasty predators (think of T-rex as an insect), and a hazardous jungle environment.
They are vegetarian with the main part of their diet coming from fungi.
Early on in their history, a small war between two tribes was abruptly
stopped when strange bolts of orange energy began to fire at the combatants.
They immediately ran off and told others of what had happened.
No one believed them at first, but after several tribes sent expeditions that didn't return, the area was marked taboo.

It stayed that way for nearly 2000 years.

When the first science teams arrived they were dumbfounded at the sight before them: a starship !
They soon re-activated the main computer (after disconnecting all the systems),
upon it's activation they learned its name: The Keeper of medina. It soon threatened destruction at the hands of its empire.
Not knowing that the progenitors are dead the yiir immediately went into action designing a ship called the "ziirmar" (or seeker)
that was not unlike the Keeper, to try and contact them to forestall any chance of a conflict between the two peoples.
Of course the progenitors were nowhere to be found, but when some strange signals were received
from a nebula the drone was sent to investigate. As the drone hyperspaced in, it immediately found itself surrounded by
several squadrons of heavy fighters and a monumental command ship, with a large cannon bolted to it.

Thankfully the drone had Keeper translating programs onboard, and it was able to send "we are friendly, hold your fire" in perfect Hiigaran mere moments after dropping out of hyperspace,
of course the Somtaaw were cautious after the events of the beast wars five years before.
But after a few days the Somtaaw had negotiated a trade deal with the Yiir for the high power com relays in the drone
in return for heavy ion cannon schematics (the Keeper's ions were fried). Not long after that, the Yiir had a large fleet and an alliance
with the Hiigarans, and after a Yiir carrier group saved a bentusi convoy from a small beast fleet they
invited the Yiir into the Galatic Council.

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Cool, i like it.

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