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Take a look into the expansive backstory being constructed for Dawn of Victory by fans and modders alike.

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Some of you may have noticed our most recent updates have included links to various wiki articles. For those of you not in the know, here is a deeper look into the going-ons of the wiki.

Since we launched our Wiki, we've had an enormous amount of fan backstory written. User-generated content has came from forum games and such, but there has also been quite a bit of pure prose from some talented individuals. Entire minor factions have been built up from scratch, diplomatic relatons and history described, and conflicts and skirmishes illustrated in great detail. The mod's development and backstory has been heavily influenced by fan-created works. Both our latest news updates' names were inspired by an article created by user Super-soviet called "Proletarian Colonisation", which also found its way into the manual.

Most of the long articles on units were written by myself, but there have been some rather lengthy articles on various other aspects of the universe. SSP forum regular Wingman has taken it upon himself to flesh out the entire DF faction: he has contributed to the main DF page as well as created several articles about their politics in an attempt to keep them from being the "generic good guy" faction.

Wingman wrote: Erdrick Colonization Corporation
The Erdrick Colonization Corporation was the first privately owned colonization and Terra forming company in the Democratic Federation. It was founded by Lorik Erdrick in 2097. They have both private funding and receives what basically amounts to a blank check from the Liberty 94th Exploration Division to aid in their various programs. They have their feet in almost every aspect of everyday life on the new colonies, with the exception of Oceania, which has accused the current head of the company of money laundering, negligence of human rights, and taking advantage of their status of being above the law.

Erdrick Colonization Corporation

Another frequent contributer, the aforementioned Super-soviet, did a ton of work mostly on the Soviet side of things, like creating the Communist Party article.

SuperSoviet wrote: The Intergalactic Communist Party
The highest level of all the Communist party. Few, even in the Soviet Union, know of it's plans or how it makes them. This level of the party has no leader, the lessons of Stalinism taught them never to such a mistake again. But it is unknown how it actually works, outsiders can only guess how (and what) plans are made. It is rumoured the party is run not by men, but by computers, wired up to the brains of dead communists leaders such as Lenin, Stalin, and others. But considering the fanatical humanism of the party and that the bodies seem to be intact in the Red square of New Leningrad, it's unlikely. Nobody even knows who the members are, though it's suspected Admiral Petrovich is a leading member.

The National Communist Parties

The second highest level of the party structure. The national Communists oversee activity in each of the human nations. All members of the Soviet government and high up military posts are required to be members of this party level. In the Soviet Union it runs all social activity and controls political thought and economics. The Soviet parties are divided up along the lines of the ethnic population; old U.S.S.R (i.e a Russian communist party, a Kazakh communist party, a Ukrainianparty, etc.). The Communist parties of other nations are mostly underground, while in natural nations such as the Japanese Empire, they act openly, and enter elections peacefully

Communist Party

We will be incorporating material off the wiki in unit descriptions, the manual, and loading screen tips, so keep up the good work!


w00t :) (for lack of better words lol)

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Sorry you and some of the other guys that have done new stuff weren't featured in this one, it's a little old and we just wanted to post it for completeness.

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