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Basically a small article explaining the role of the most active members in Dots; however, there are many more who have come, gone, or are not mentioned.

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Recently I have received a few requests to post a list of the members of Dominion and what their role within is. So here we are.

Most people know Hross from Dominion but he has his hands in mods all
over TW. He hails from the once mighty sun-never-setting Britain. H's
primary role is Publicity, Recruitment, and all around commander in

is from the Czech Republic and has Recently completed his University
degree and gotten himself a bride. But for Dominion he has become the
commander of cartography
. He also fills the role of Bohemian resercher and that of Admin.

Azim is enrolled in University, somewhere... (New Jersey I think). Azim
is responsible for the Campaing Script and helps out wherever coding of
any kind is required; and that of Admin. He has recently been lifted up
into the ranks of Artifex, patronised by Dominion's former Campaign
Scripter SLK.

This fellow hails from the ancient land of the Norse, Finland to be
exact. He is enrolled in university and is pursuing a degree in
Medieval History. Alkidas is Dominion's head of the research
department. He also is a senior Admin.

Uanime5: Is in charge of making the tech tree. As well as being an Admin.

Romanos IV: Like Resurrection Romanos is from The Czech Republic. He is a French resercher, 2d artist and, Admin.

I am from British Columbia Canada and originally signed up to help code
traits and ancils but now I find myself doing many things, coordinating
the resurgent modelling dept, some 2d art, and trying to help
Resurrection with the map. I am also an Admin.

Copperknickers: The
man's peerage is so fierce the Romans had to build a wall to keep him
and his kin out... he is a fellow Scot. Copper is a senior member of
the Dominion team and is our Muslim Researcher and project coordinator.
And has been recently raised to Admin.

*** Sumskilz: Modeler/Skinner Recently raised to Admin of the 3D modeling dept.***

Is from sunny Florida and is a traits and ancil coder as well as being
an Administrative assistant. I believe he is enrolling in Game design.

Göteborgare: Hails from Sweden and is an
assistant mapper working on the Scandinavia & the Baltics. Do to
recent issues here at TWC Goteborgare has decided to limit his role in
the modding community. *** He is still a member of the team but has
moved to a less active role. ***

andriejj: Comes to the team from Poland and is our resident Polish resercher.

AgisTournas: Comes from the ancient land of the Greeks and is our Dynasty Researcher.

Russ Mitchel: relives medieval history for a living... and is our resercher for Eastern & Central europe.

Ivan the Terrible: is our Rus resercher

Basileos: is a long standing member of Dominion he is a researcher focusing on Byzantium, the Crusader States, Al-Andalus and christian Iberia.

AnthoniusII: Has been a member of Dominion for a long time, hailing from Greece. Many people know this fellow from CBUR, Anthonius is our Byzantine researcher.

nnnm: Has been another long standing member of Dominion and is one of our muslim faction researchers.

Lord Willy:Italian and Spanish researcher.. Sorry LW.

Recent additions:



Figman:Assistant Mapper

Aduellist:Family tree coder

Voltaire:EDU Coder

This only names a few members
of the team... One of the other Admins or myself will update this to
include the ones that I have neglected to include in this first post.
There are many more members... Past and present, in time this list will
include all of the 150+ members that have participated in the project
during the last two years. We will also note other mods we have
cooperated with.

-Originally posted by Suboutai in TWC


Will you guys be accepting donations for your work?

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OdinX Author

Unfortunately, CA prohibits any modder from making money on their product. :(

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