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What is this game? How do I justify it? Well, I don't exactly justify it, there's no grand reason behind it. I only wish to create this very game! Also, some things about ship stress and customization.

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Gooooood morning, fellow indie databasers!

Let me ask two questions from myself: 'What is this game? How do you justify it?'

Well, I'll answer the second question first. I don't justify it, I don't have any grand reason why this game should exist. I only wish to make it. Its not here to give a moral teaching about today's issues, its not here to prove what's right and wrong with humanity. Heck, its not even here to point out how far I can throw a rock to (not very).

This is, simply, the type of game I want to make. I'm not aiming to cater any specific group of gamers, I'm not trying to make it 'highly profitable IP that will send like candy and cakes'. It simply exists because I want it to. This doesn't mean I can't, or don't want, people's feedback and opinions. I definitely want and need! Its just that I ain't adding zombies here just because its 'in'.

And the first question. Now we're talking! Trefoil-Core (T-C hence forth) is first and foremost a simulator type of game with plenty of shootery stuffs. Think of Descent Freespace and Tie Fighter, but with a lot more enemies, literally, tons more. The basic mechanics are greatly simplified (or changed), instead of setting your engine, guns and shields power statuses you're more balancing and watching over core stress levels. Should the fighter's core overload its nighty nighty for you, so stop holding down the fire button and start using tactics!

The core stress != regenerating health (for those more code shy than me, != means 'not equals'). In fact it works opposite. Where as regenerating health drops when you get hit and reloads when you're.. not getting hit. The core is actively cooling down itself, and instead of bullets, booster fuel, health and what not every hit and action you make adds heating (stress) to the core which needs to be cooled out or the ship's core will go critical and meltdown. There's two kinds of stress applied to the core, cumulative (such as shooting, getting hit, using boosters) which add more stress every time applied AND upkeep (such as acceleration and rotation) which slowly builds up to certain amount of constant stress but doesn't increase forever.

Another prime concept, in addition to the core stress is customization. Player can, along their travels and exploits, discover and unlock ship plans and components which can be used to customize their fighter from ground up. A chassis determines ships basic and special roles, but doesn't itself restrict player, instead gives direction.

Chassis itself always has multiple hard points player can use to customize the chassis from wings to weapons and engines. Every component varies, modifying ship's base stats with both positive and negative values. Components are clearly of different 'levels', first ones much weaker than the over strong stuff in the end. As an example rule, so to say, at first you're challenged by light scouts and heavy fighters are like floating avatars of torment. Later heavy fighters are only a slight challenge while heavy assault fighters are what really brings you down.

Well, one could say the customization system is putting Roguelike (Diablo-like for those not ascii/ansi crazy) looting system on fighter plane game.. Certainly not unique, but something to taste and love if you're loot crazy inventory mixer like I am :)


p.s. If you have a question, or something you'd simply wish to know, feel free to drop it here!


if not zombies...? then what about a cybernetic bacteria, that takes over ships?

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